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    jhpy (1.3.0)
    Command-line manager and template builder for JHPY.
    buildingspy (missing)
    nscms (0.5.2)
    A collection of core related code to build a CMS for a portal or a simple website.
    A tool for generating digraphs of Buildbot Builders and Schedulers
    A buildout extension to move non-used eggs to a specified directory
    nensbuild (0.4)
    One step buildout build.
    pyar (0.2.0)
    pyar sqlhelper based sqlbuilder.
    zc.buildout recipe to build PostgreSQL.
    infrae.uwsgi (1.0)
    Buildout recipe downloading, compiling and configuring uWSGI.
    grace (0.1.17)
    A tool to simplify JavaScript development.
    trumpet (0.1dev)
    build a website with pyramid
    solr_recipe (1.0)
    Buildout recipe that installs and configures Apache Solr. The default setup works with haystack 1.2.3.
    Sends picked packages and versions to a whiskers server.
    ParsePkgtxt (0.1)
    Parse a Slackware PACKAGES.TXT and build a dictionnary
    Build and serve an appcache manifest from Django.
    buildit (missing)
    grace_dizmo (0.1.16)
    A plugin for grace
    s01.worker (0.5.0)
    Scrapy worker based on buildout with JSON-RPC 2.0 API
    buildutils-dev (missing)
    Package 851 to 869 of 869
    1 ... 33 34 35 Next »
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