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Released 10 years, 3 months ago
Python base class for Mac OS Applications
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    appshed (missing)
    zapps (missing)
    appcls (missing)
    cloudapp (missing)
    django-loginas (0.1.3)
    An app to add a "Log in as user" button in the Django user admin page.
    appscriptcls (missing)
    apple5 (missing)
    django-smsaero (0.9.2)
    A simple Django app for send SMS via smsaero.ru.
    asana (0.0.4)
    Simple wrapper for the Asana api
    DARE (0.8.0175)
    Dynamic Application Runtime Environment
    django-socketio (0.3.6)
    A Django app providing the features required to use websockets with Django via Socket.IO
    thememapper (missing)
    thunderdome (0.4.7)
    Titan Object-Graph Mapper (OGM)
    A set of tools for Django to help 'stub-out' an app quickly.
    AFStatsd (0.1.2)
    Statsd Library for use with the AppFirst collector
    py-modularapp (missing)
    Simple python script to send tweets. It can be ease integrated to another app, such as media player, to send Now Playing status.
    fetchapp-api (missing)
    Package 4076 to 4093 of 4093
    1 ... 162 163 164 Next »
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