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pypm install sdistmaker

How to install sdistmaker

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install sdistmaker
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
1.4 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
1.4 Available View build log
Mac OS X (10.5+)
1.4 Available View build log
Linux (32-bit)
1.4 Available View build log
Linux (64-bit)
1.4 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 1.4 on Jan 5th, 2011


Create sdist tarballs from svn tags, intended for use with a company-internal svn repository. Creates sdist tarballs into a directory you can then serve with apache.

sdistmaker used to be called tha.sdistmaker before version 1.2.

Installation and basic usage

A simple easy_install sdistmaker is enough. This gives you two scripts:

  • make_sdist, mainly for test purposes. Pass it an svn tag url and a

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destination dir and it will make a release.

  • sdists_from_tags is the main script. It searches an svn structure for

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suitable tags and makes releases of them.

For starters, just run sdists_from_tags. It will create a var/private directory and fill it with (as an example!) all zest.releaser releases.

Both scripts have a --help option that show all available options and a usage instruction.


Configuration is by means of a python file. Easiest way to get started is by printing sdistmaker's own base defaults.py by doing:

$> sdists_from_tags --print-example-defaults

Save the output as a python file (suggestion: defaults.py). You can then adapt it to your liking and use it with sdists_from_tags --defaults-file=defaults.py. The defaults file is documented in-line, so it should be easy to adapt.

Usage in a buildout

You can use sdistmaker in a buildout like this:


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parts = sdists

[sdists] recipe = zc.recipe.egg eggs = sdistmaker scripts = sdists_from_tags # arguments = # defaults_file='${buildout:directory}/defaults.py',

The defaults.py is created in the same way as above.

Using sdistmaker in combination with the real pypi

A structure like generated with sdistmaker is a perfect index for easy_install and buildout if you let apache host it. Only problem: you can only have one index (note: pip apparently supports multiple indexes). You can solve this problem by having apache redirect you to pypi when something is not found.

Here's an example apache config snippet:

# Allow indexing

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Options +Indexes IndexOptions FancyIndexing VersionSort

# Start of rewriterules to use our own var/private/* packages # when available and to redirect to pypi if not. RewriteEngine On # Use our robots.txt: RewriteRule ^/robots.txt - [L] # Use our apache's icons: RewriteRule ^/icons/.* - [L] # We want OUR index. Specified in a weird way as apache # searches in a weird way for index.htm index.html index.php etc. RewriteRule ^/index..* - [L]

# Use our var/private/PROJECTNAME if available, # redirect to pypi otherwise: RewriteCond /path/on/server/var/private/$1 !-f RewriteCond /path/on/server/var/private/$1 !-d RewriteRule ^/([^/]+)/?$ http://pypi.python.org/pypi/$1/ [P,L]

# Use our var/private/PROJECTNAME/project-0.1.tar.gz if available, # redirect to pypi otherwise: RewriteCond /path/on/server/var/private/$1 !-d RewriteRule ^/([^/]+)/([^/]+)$ http://pypi.python.org/pypi/$1/$2 [P,L]

Using the apache-served index

You can use such a custom apache-served index in two ways. Easy_install has a -i option for passing along an index:

$> easy_install -i http://packages.my.server/ zest.releaser

In buildout, you can set it like this:


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index = http://packages.my.server/ parts = ...

Reporting bugs

You can report bugs or feature requests at http://bitbucket.org/reinout/sdistmaker/issues/


Written by Reinout van Rees. Started while at The Health Agency, improved at Nelen & Schuurmans.

Dev-and-revision-marker fix by Wouter Vanden Hove.


  • Nothing specific at the moment.

Changelog of sdistmaker

1.4 (2010-03-19)
  • Don't crash when setup.cfg contains dev-and-revisionmarkers. [WouterVH]
1.3 (2010-03-01)
  • Added MANIFEST.in to get reliable releases with mercurial. Sorry for

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messing up the 1.2 release and thanks to Maurits for pushing out a quick 1.2.2.

1.2.2 (2010-02-26)
  • Fixed broken release with missing TODO.txt.
1.2.1 (2010-02-25)
  • Small documentation fixes.
1.2 (2010-02-25)
  • Renamed from tha.sdistmaker to sdistmaker.
  • Huge documentation improvement.
  • Using optparse for the scripts so that they have a better usage message.

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This greatly improves documentation.

  • Not showing the doctest from USAGE.txt anymore in the long description.

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That just wasn't readable documentation.

  • The output directory is created when missing.
1.1 (2009-12-22)
  • Documentation update.
1.0 (2009-12-21)
  • Setup.py cleanup.
0.4 (2009-11-09)
  • Replacing base and base_on_server the right way around, now.
0.2 (2009-11-09)
  • Cleaning up the tempdir after we're finished with it. And cd'ing out of

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that dir before zapping it.

  • Using buildout's bin/python so that we get setuptools also when run on the

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server where there's no global setuptools. This assumes we're always run within buildout: fine with me.

0.1 (2009-11-06)
  • Added sdist_from_tags script for creating all tarballs.
  • Added make_sdist script for creating a single sdist.
  • Initial library skeleton created by thaskel.

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