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 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)
Apache Software License v2.0

Ralph is an asset management system for your data center. It lets you see what hardware and software is installed. It also lets you keep track of who is using every device, for what, and how much it costs.

Ralph's database can be accessed through a web interface, a RESTful API and through command line tools, the most important of which is the discovery command, which lets Ralph gather information about your data center automatically. You can also export and import parts of the database into different formats.

Change Log


Released on August 08, 2013

This is as bugfix release.

  • Added new resources to API: Network, NetworkKind.
  • Added network_details to Ipaddress API resource.
  • Extra costs that don't appear in the given time range are not displayed in the venture summery view.
  • Numeric position field no longer required.
  • Barcode field (in admin) can be set to None for more than one devices.
  • Fixed owners links in admin/business/ventures; fixed admin history change.

Released on July 17, 2013

This is a minor bugfix release. Bugfixes in the discovery module and documentation enhancements.

  • Added documentation for the discovery subsystem.
  • Added new Xeon processors support.
  • Added data_center and rack to the puppet classifier output.
  • Fixed DonPedro 'ipaddress' KeyError.
  • Disabled reboot plugin for the deployment.
  • Fixed XEN disk discovery.
  • Added property_types to the puppet classifier response.
  • Ralph search results are now unique.
  • Fixed border-case for lshw discovery when response tag is none.
  • Fixed OpenStack plugin - assigning costs to the wrong device

Released on June 18, 2013

This is a bugfix release.

  • Bugfixes in discovery module.
  • Extended APIs for assets and pricing.

Released on June 7, 2013

This is a bugfix release.

  • Enhancements to the Ventures - added Profit Center and Business Segment information.
  • Added ability to import Ventures data(PC, Business Segment) from CSV file.
  • Added API integration with Ralph Pricing and Ralph Assets.
  • Fixed puppet classifier crashing on models without model group.
  • Fixed 3PAR detection.
  • Better error reporting for discovery errors.
  • PostgresSQL support provided.
  • Fixed hostname validation in the deployment area.
  • Testing profiles updated.
  • Fixed out of range error while discovering devices with unknown Networks.

Released on April 23, 2013

This is a bugfix release.

  • Removed Git, hostname and stty process forking.
  • Cleaned up plugins chains.
  • Fixed pagination, templates and filters in the CMDB.

Released on April 16, 2013

This is a bugfix release.

  • Fixed bug in the Catalog and Account areas.
  • API permissions fixed.

Released on April 15, 2013

This is a major release. It brings new big features and bugfixes. Added new modules: asset management, ralph beast command line client, windows software discovery. Replaced workers architecture with RQ. New integrations with external systems. And much more.

  • Replaced Celery asynchronous worker engine with RQ, see: http://python-rq.org.
  • Introduced Ralph commandline tool - Beast, see: https://github.com/allegro/ralph_beast.
  • Introduced Offline Asset Mgmt module for Ralph, see: https://github.com/allegro/ralph_assets.
  • Discovery improvements: added Ganeti devices support, Juniper and Nortel switches, 3ware controllers. Added new Puppet REST integration.
  • Introduced discovery for Windows Sofware via Don-Pedro plugin and extended ability to search software versions using complex operators (<, <=, >, >= etc).
  • CMDB-Splunk integration introduced.
  • Reports are now asynchronous (don't block the UI anymore, happen on the queue).
  • Added User Preferences framework - for now with the ability to change landing page per user.
  • REST API extended - new filters and new resources (owners).
  • Deployment improvements: statuses plugin fixed, duplicating networks added, firstfreeip function fixed.
  • Performance improvements in the CMDB.
  • Many Ralph UI bugs and discovery fixes.

Released on March 19, 2013

This is a major release. It brings new big features and bugfixes. Introduced 3rd party module for Ralph - Offline Assets Management Added CMDB - Splunk integration. Added archivization feature for CMDB. Added AutoCI feature for CMDB. Improved Jira integration. Added ability to discover Windows software using don pedro plugin. Discovery of hardware fixed and improved.

  • Added CMDB - Splunk integration.
  • Added archivization feature for CMDB.
  • Added Autoci feature for CMDB.
  • Improved jira integration.
  • Added ability to discover Windows software using don pedro plugin.
  • Discovery of hardware fixed and improved.

Released on February 19, 2013

This is a bugfix release.

  • Editable layers in CMDB.
  • Bugfixes in discovery plugins and CMDB.
  • Performance improvements in CMDB report.

Released on February 07, 2013

This is a major release with new features.

  • Adding next-server to DHCP configuration for devices in deployment.
  • A new report for device costs.
  • Improved CMDB impact report.
  • The ability to import DNS records from a CSV file.
  • Show separate count for physical devices in ventures report.
  • More bugfixes in the discovery plugins.

Released on January 16, 2013

This is a major release with new features.

  • Added custom DHCP configuration for networks and DHCP servers.
  • Networks can now be marked as non-unique, which prevents their IP addresses from being added to devices.
  • Next free hostname and IP address are now displayed in the Addresses tab.
  • Bugfixes in discovery plugins.

Released on January 07, 2013

This is a bugfix release.

  • Add detailed costs to the Ventures report,
  • Fix incorrect use of concurrent_get_or_create in discovery plugins
  • Fix the clean deployment plugin to re-connect the ip address

Released on December 31, 2012

This is a bugfix release.

  • Allow bulk deployment to re-use existing devices
  • Clean up the way in which the discovery plugins create components
  • Allow racks in different data centers to have the same name

Released on December 20, 2012.

This is a bugfix release.

  • Dell PowerEdge servers supported
  • introduced pricing groups for disk shares
  • interpolation of variables in preboot files supported
  • simplified deployment workflow (no issue tracked based acceptance involved)
  • mass deployment
  • discovery fixes

Released on December 5, 2012.

This is a bugfix release.

  • Fix bugs in the search and add device forms

Released on December 5, 2012.

This is a bugfix release as well as new discovery and usability features.

  • support for SNMPv3 in discovery
  • DHCP config improvements: proper hostnames from PTR records; support for syncing entries and networks from a specific DC only
  • DNS/DHCP addresses tab redesigned for usability and performance
  • improved search for software components and discovering software versions
  • discovery fixes

Released on November 26, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Fixes regressions in discovery from version 1.1.9 and introduces DiscoveryWarnings for tracking problems with discovery.

  • Fixes for discovery regressions from 1.1.8
  • DiscoveryWarnings introduced

Released on November 22, 2012.

This is a major release. Includes system-level storage detection, improved CPU information for Windows machines, ability to edit DNS information straight from the Addresses tab on a device. CMDB now includes an impact report.

  • system-level storage detection stored in the OperatingSystem component
  • improved CPU information in DonPedro Windows agent
  • CPU information is stored in history for financial reports
  • DNS entries can be edited on the Addresses tab for every device
  • CMDB: impact report introduced, API for CI changes, layers and types
  • Installed software packages reported by Puppet are stored in the inventory database
  • Base64 support for compressed Puppet fact values
  • Minor bugfixes

Released on November 8, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Includes fixes in IPMI, SSG and Xen discovery as well as minor CMDB and DNS admin improvements. DHCP agent script is now compatible with Python 2.4 (for usage in RedHat 5.x environments).

  • Stability improved for discovering SSG firewalls
  • ralph_dhcp_agent.py is now compatible with Python 2.4
  • Uses the forked django-powerdns-dnssec package for improved PowerDNS support
  • Xen discovery support fixed (memory was reported in wrong units)
  • IPMI discovery improved for Sun and Supermicro servers
  • Minor CMDB improvements
  • Minor bugfixes

Released on October 29, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Includes fixes in CMDB, device admin, device report and unit tests.

  • CMDB fixes: owners not required when saving a CI, cycles in relationships are detected, only manual changes generate tickets in external trackers
  • fixed issue #183: "Unknown" rack unsupported
  • device admin fixes: model validatation, saving uses priorities
  • paramiko library used for SSH connectivity instead of the ssh fork
  • minor device report fixes
  • unit tests improved

Released on October 19, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Fixes order of database migrations and several problems with running unit tests. Django version bumped to 1.4.2.

  • bumped Django version to 1.4.2
  • fixes order of database migrations
  • fixes a problem in Django 1.4.x with built-in unit tests failing because of settings used
  • minor CMDB fixes
  • more unit tests

Released on October 15, 2012.

This is a minor release. Adds role properties to the RESTful API. Fixes deprecation so that deprecated devices no longer report a monthly cost.

  • role properties available in API
  • virtual CPU count in the main ventures report
  • deprecated devices now have a zero monthly cost

Released on October 10, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Contains fixes in UI and discovery code, as well as shows cloud usage in the main venture report.

  • cloud usage is visible in the main ventures report
  • several minor fixes in UI and new plugins

Released on October 8, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Includes a new experimental discovery agent for Windows called Donpedro as well as two new discovery plugins for Xen hypervisors and Linux machines not controlled by Puppet. Fixes bugs in UI, CMDB and discovery.

  • Donpedro introduced: a new dedicated discovery agent for Windows. Works as a background Windows service; a lightweight alternative to SCCM
  • a new plugin to discover Xen hypervisors (with support for information about pools and hardware usage)
  • a new ssh_linux plugin that discovers Linux machines by logging into them; an alternative to Puppet storeconfig
  • lots of minor bugfixes in UI, CMDB and discovery

Released on September 24, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Includes fixes in discovery and UI code, as well as updates in the price catalog: history of changes is tracked and the UI for specifying price per unit of size is now easier to use.

  • Price catalog updated: history of changes tracked, a more intuitive UI for prices per unit of size
  • bug fixes in discovery and UI

Released on September 19, 2012.

This is a feature release. Includes support for deployment of physical hosts using PXE, simplified financial model (components can be now priced by unit of size, e.g. by core or GiB) and upgraded reporting system. Includes minor bug fixes.

  • Deployment of new machines using PXE implemented
  • CMDB: change acceptance
  • DHCP can be served and reconfigured remotely
  • Improved reports: new report types for devices, main menu entry for generic reports, a details view for devices in reports
  • API supports throttling
  • A new component kind, OperatingSystem, with information about CPU, memory and disk storage visible from the operating system
  • Operating system components included in pricing
  • OpenStack pricing now includes pricing margins
  • Extra costs are now a dictionary
  • Improved date pickers in UI

Released on August 20, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Includes fixes in CMDB and UI code, as well as a preliminary timeline view for CMDB, usability improvements in editing CI relations.

  • Pricing: cached prices updated after changes in the catalog; component price calculation includes custom sizes when relevant
  • ralph commands no longer display the unhelpful "Error opening file for reading: Permission denied" message
  • Usability improvements in editing CI relations
  • Preliminary timeline view for CMDB added
  • Git configuration change from Puppet agent now knows if a change was successful
  • minor bugfixes

Released on August 13, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Includes fixes in CMDB, discovery and UI code, as well as the possibility to specify extra queries for OpenStack. Local storage costs are now also counted for Proxmox virtual machines.

  • OpenStack plugin now accepts OPENSTACK_EXTRA_QUERIES setting, containing a list of tuples in the form (url, query) of additional data sources to check.
  • make the discovery plugins use soft delete
  • the proxmox discovery plugin now counts local storage used
  • added a "delete" link in the addresses view
  • positions in racks are now numbered from the bottom
  • CMDB: enabled removing relations, faster git handling
  • bugfixes in CMDB and UI code

Released on August 08, 2012.

This version has report and rack views, as well as some improvements in the user interface and important bug fixes in the discovery plugins. You can now delete from the database old devices that are no longer needed.

  • edit links for devices and components
  • soft-deletable devices
  • a view showing physical layout of racks
  • add a filter form in the networks view
  • small usability improvements in the history user interface
  • added a "zabbixregister" command for automatically creating hosts and host templates in Zabbix
  • bugfixes in the CMDB
  • bugfixes in the discovery plugins

Released on August 01, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. Includes fixes for minor issues in the Web app and ability to run CMDB integration plugins remotely. It introduces a rudimentary reports tab on device lists.

  • a rudimentary reports tab on device lists to filter devices according to specified rules
  • venture tree collapsible
  • CMDB integration scripts integrated into framework
  • CMDB supports distributed plugins
  • minor fixes in the Web app

Released on July 23, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. It introduces the ability to create new devices manually (without autodiscovery) and fixes several minor issues.

  • ralph chains command to list available plug-in chains
  • fixed regression from 1.0.1: settings-local.py works correctly again
  • ability to create new devices from the web application
  • several minor bugfixes
  • added cmdb charts for dashboard

Released on July 18, 2012.

This is a bugfix release. It fixes several small problems with initial setup and configuration, and makes it easier to manage settings.

  • ralph management command introduced as a shortcut to python manage.py
  • ralph makeconf management command introduced to create configuration from a template
  • PyPI package fixed by including all resources in the source package
  • minor fixes for the SQLite backend
  • minor documentation fixes and updates

Released on July 16, 2012.

This is the first release of Ralph.

  • initial release

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