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pypm install products.oaicore

How to install Products.OAICore

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install products.oaicore
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Lastest release
version 2.5 on Jan 5th, 2011


OAICore is a Zope 2 product that provides a service that can harvest and index records from an OAIPMH compliant Server. The OAIPMH protocol is described here:


Starting version 2.5, this product requires Zope 2.12. To use in previous versions of Zope 2, please use previous versions of this package.


2.5 (2010/12/20)
  • Make the product compatible with Zope 2.12 and Python 2.6. Unfortunately, that breaks compatibility with previous versions of Zope 2, for previous versions use 2.4.
  • Fix some broken ZMI templates on OAI Items.
  • Cleanup catalog while purging records. This makes sure that it is emptied.
  • Improve getRecordByIdentifier not to rely on the catalog.
2.4 (2010/11/03)
  • Update record set information while updating record.
  • Fix a bug with max_records.
2.3 (2009/07/29)
  • Remove the broken display on/letter option.
  • Log any errors that occur during harvesting.
  • Reset the datestamp field when cleaning up OAI records on the service.
  • Make getFieldText able to fetch setName via metadata_setName. This let you use it as a field in your schema. Add a non-flatten option to that method.
2.2 (2009/06/19)
New Features
  • Query calls addExtraManageFields method on itself which receives form as paramater. This can be provided by a subclass to add extra formulator fields to the Silva UI for a query. Note that processing of the input needs to be done in the Silva UI.
  • Add addSortOrderField method on Query, by default not in use. This adds a sort order field to the Silva UI, named sort_order. Note that the form submission logic needs to read sort_order.
  • Add a setSortOrder function on Query that can be used to set the sort order. Should be set to ascending or descending. It defaults to the sortOrder specified in the schema or else defaults to ascending
  • Add a setName on a Record object. This gives back the name of the sets to which the record belongs to.
  • Add a OAICoreColumn to the oaischema. This let you use setName in your result schema if you want.
  • Be more error tolerant if you can't connect to the server. Thanks for Gilles Lenfant for reporting the problem.
New Features
  • Add a filter to retrieve only entries starting with a specific letter on one given field.
New Features
  • The method getRSSFieldId on the schema no longer errors on unknown ids, so that we can have optional fields. (Like 'uri' in SilvaEurEepiOAI).
New Features
  • Added a date property to the schema which indicates a metadata field that is to be used as the main identifying date for a record.
Bugs fixed
  • Changed where a zope datetime was expected, while we've been storing python datetimes for a while now.
Features added
  • skip records that cannot be read for some reason, and send a report to one or more email addresses with information on which records and what went wrong.
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed tests that were failing.
  • Cleaned up tests.
  • Cleaned up the way OAIService was set up with username and password.
  • simplify datestamp handling by relying on pyoai core.
New Features
  • Improved UI of OAI service.
  • Username/password support for harvesting repositories.
  • Refactorings to support more use cases and provide more flexibility.
  • OAICore now depends on the pyoai library.
New Features
  • Added schema functionality that makes it easy to harvest arbitrary metadata sets. Two example schema's come pre-installed: oai_dc and eur_qdc.
  • Added icons for the oaipmh Zope service.
New features
  • A harvest can return records with <header status="deleted"> that contain no metadata and are merely an indication that that metadata-set for that resource is no longer on the OAI service. These records should be used to remove metadata from the catalog if it is there, bur should never be stored or catalogued themselves. They aren't now. (Fixed in OAICore/core.py)

Initial public release.

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Last updated Jan 5th, 2011

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