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pypm install products.cmfformcontroller

How to install Products.CMFFormController

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install products.cmfformcontroller
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
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3.0 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
3.0.3Never BuiltWhy not?
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Mac OS X (10.5+)
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3.0 Available View build log
Linux (32-bit)
3.0.3Never BuiltWhy not?
3.0.2 Available View build log
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3.0 Available View build log
Linux (64-bit)
3.0.3 Available View build log
3.0.2 Available View build log
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3.0 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 3.0.3 on Jan 9th, 2014


CMFFormController replaces the portal_form form validation mechanism from Plone. It should work just fine in plain CMF as well.


3.0.3 (2013-01-13)
  • Use obj.__parent__ instead of obj getParentNode() for Zope trunk compatibility. [elro]
  • ControllerState.py: Don't use list as default parameter value. [kleist]
3.0.2 - 2011-04-03
  • Update RoleManager imports to avoid deprecation warning on Zope 2.13. [davisagli]
3.0.1 - 2010-10-27
  • Fixed template with chameleon incompatibility. [swampmonkey]
3.0 - 2010-07-18
  • No changes.
3.0a1 - 2009-11-13
  • Adjust this package's FSPythonScript subclass to reflect cleanup in Zope2 and CMF. [davisagli]
  • Silence more warnings for calling manage_* methods. [hannosch]
  • Avoid acquiring portal_properties and call it via a proper API. [hannosch]
  • Cleaned up package metadata. [hannosch]
  • Declare package dependencies and fixed deprecation warnings for use of Globals. [hannosch]
  • Correct license in egg metadata. [wichert]
  • Purged old Zope 2 Interface interfaces for Zope 2.12 compatibility. [elro]
2.1.2 - 2008-03-26
  • Added metadata.xml to GenericSetup profile. [hannosch]
2.1.1 - 2007-10-07
  • Removed two __traceback_info__'s from ControllerBase which where both causing too much speed cost and optimized some Acquisition handling. [hannosch]
  • Fixed #7027 : ControllerState.__str__ loaded files in memory [zegor]
  • Made tests pass without Plone being installed. [hannosch]
2.1 - 2007-08-09
  • No changes. [hannosch]
2.1rc1 - 2007-07-09
  • Removed utility registration - the formcontroller tool uses self.REQUEST which is not available in utilities. [wichert]
2.1b4 - 2007-05-05
  • Removed five:registerPackage again, as it is causing problems in ZEO environments. [hannosch]
2.1b3 - 2007-05-01
  • Back to getToolByName we go. [wichert]
2.1b2 - 2007-03-23
  • Converted installation code to be based on a GenericSetup extension profile. [hannosch]
  • Let the form controller tool implement and interface and added a bbb registerToolInterface call. [hannosch]
  • Replaced getToolByName by getUtility calls. [hannosch]
2.1b1 - 2007-03-05
  • Converted to a regular Python package in the Products namespace. [hannosch]
  • Fixed deprecation warnings for minimalpath and expandpath methods. These weren't needed at all anymore, as the stored filepath is absolut anyways. [hannosch]
  • Removed all occurrences of portal_status_message. [hannosch]
2.0.7 - 2006-01-27
  • Fixed the combineArgs method of BaseFormAction to decode Unicode values in the query string to a defined encoding. You can specify this encoding in config.py and it defaults to utf-8. [hannosch]
  • Fixed the import of XML files where the context_type/button attributes are missing. It's not exported when the value is None, which means any button or any content-type. [deo]
2.0.6 - 2006-11-04
  • General code cleaned, removed unused imports. [hannosch]
  • Converted log functions to use the logging package instead of zLOG. [hannosch]
2.0.5 - 2006-09-08
  • Modernized type checking to use isinstance() instead of type() as the latter does not recognize derived types. As an example checking for UnicodeType or unicode with type() does not recognize Zope3 Messages, which are derived from unicode. Usually for checking for stringish types you want to do isinstance(foo, basestring) nowadays. This fixes http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/5741. [hannosch]
  • Fixed some deprecation warnings for CompilerError. [hannosch]
  • Cleaned up test infrastructure, removed custom testrunner. [hannosch]
2.0.4 - 2006-06-17
  • Fix issue with usage of relative urls for action traversal, rather than actual physical paths, which are necessary. [alecm]
2.0.3 - 2006-06-09
  • Fix issue with redirecting/traversing to FTI actions which are defined in the folder category. Also, made action traversal/redirection less error prone. [alecm]
2.0.2 - 2006-05-15
  • Only export ZODB controller scripts and validators, not FS versions. [rafrombrc]
  • Changed exportimport handlers to depend on GenericSetup directly instead of the soon to be removed CMFSetup. [hannosch]
  • RedirectToActions call to getActionObject on objects would always fail. Fixed http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/5446. [regebro]
  • Avoid DeprecationWarning for manageAddDelete. [hannosch]
  • Update tests to comply with PloneTestCase 0.8 API. [hannosch]
2.0.1 - 2006-03-28
  • Fix method alias lookup on TraverseToAction, so that the conversion of urls to aliases doesn't cause empty pages to be returned. Remove the alias lookup on RedirectToAction because it is entirely unnecessary and counter-intuitive. Removed some useless print statements. [alecm]
  • Fix two typos in documentation. [vinsci]
  • Shut down DeprecationWarning for product_name of ToolInit. [hannosch]
2.0 - 2006-02-25
  • Moved xml folder into exportimport module, as tests were expecting it in this location. [hannosch]
  • Changed exportimport module to a package, added some interfaces and configure.zcml in order to register separate import / export handlers for .vpy and .cpy, since snapshot exports were breaking when these were handled like default .py files [RaFromBRC]
  • Renamed importexport.py to exportimport.py [RaFromBRC]
  • Added importexport.py for CMFSetup [plonista]
  • Moved to new ZODB transaction API, fixed import locations of format_stx and expandPath [hannosch]
1.0.7 - 2005-12-18
  • Correct some wrong security settings. [hannosch]
  • Made tests compatible with Zope 2.9 (transaction module) [hannosch]
1.0.6 - 2005-10-09
  • For details see the ChangeLog file

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