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pypm install plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver

How to install plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
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1.4 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
1.5Never BuiltWhy not?
1.4 Available View build log
Mac OS X (10.5+)
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Linux (32-bit)
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Linux (64-bit)
1.5 Available View build log
1.4 Available View build log
ZPL 2.1
Lastest release
version 1.5 on Jan 9th, 2014


This recipe creates and configures a Zope 2 ZEO server in parts. It also installs a control script, which is like zeoctl, in the bin/ directory. The name of the control script is the the name of the part in buildout.

You can use it with a part like this:

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver
zope2-location = /path/to/zope2/install
zeo-address = 8100


This recipe works with Zope 2 versions prior to Zope 2.12 or ZODB3 versions prior to ZODB 3.8. If you want to use newer versions of any of the two (for example for Plone 4) please use the plone.recipe.zeoserver: recipe instead.

The path where Zope 2 is installed. If you are also using the plone.recipe.zope2install recipe, and you have that configured as a part called 'zope2' prior to the zope2zeoserver part, you can use ${zope2:location} for this parameter. You must ensure the zope2zeoserver part is run after the zope2install one.
The path to the zeopack.py backup script. A wrapper for this will be generated in bin/zeopack, which sets up the appropriate environment to run this. Defaults to "${zope2-location}/utilities/ZODBTools/zeopack.py". Set this option to an empty value if you do not want this script to be generated.
The name of the generated zeopack script in the context of the bin directory. Defaults to "zeopack".
The path to the repozo.py backup script. A wrapper for this will be generated in bin/repozo, which sets up the appropriate environment for running this. Defaults to "${zope2-location}/utilities/ZODBTools/repozo.py". Set this to an empty value if you do not want this script to be generated.
The name of the generated repozo script in the context of the bin directory. Defaults to "repozo"
A relative or absolute path to a zeo.conf file. If this is not given, a zeo.conf will be generated based on the the options below.

The following options all affect the generated zope.conf.

Give a port for the ZEO server (either specify the port number only (with 'localhost' as default) or you use the format host:port). Defaults to 8100.
The name of the effective user for the ZEO process. Defaults to not setting an effective user.
The invalidation-queue-size used for the ZEO server. Defaults to 100.
The filename of the ZEO log file. Defaults to var/log/${partname}.log
Format of logfile entries. Defaults to %(asctime)s %(message)s
A custom section for the eventlog, to be able to use another event logger than logfile. zeo-log is still used to set the logfile value in the runner section.
The number used to identify a storage.
The filename where the ZODB data file will be stored. Defaults to var/filestorage/Data.fs.
The folder where the ZODB blob data files will be stored.
The filename where ZEO will write its socket file. Defaults to var/zeo.zdsock.

The filename for a authentication database. Only accounts listed in this database will be allowed to access the ZEO server.

The format of the database file is:

realm <realm>

Where the hash is generated via:

import sha
string = "%s:%s:%s" % (username, realm, password)
The authentication realm. Defaults to 'ZEO'
Specify of days for the zeopack script to retain of history. Defaults to one day.
If the ZEO server uses authentication, this is the username used by the zeopack script to connect to the ZEO server.
If the ZEO server uses authentication, this is the password used by the zeopack script to connect to the ZEO server.
Give additional lines to zeo.conf. Make sure you indent any lines after the one with the parameter.
The address at which the monitor server should listen. The monitor server provides server statistics in a simple text format.
Set this to true to make the generated scripts use relative paths. You can also enable this in the [buildout] section.
Set if you need to include other packages as eggs e.g. for making application code available on the ZEO server side for performing conflict resolution (through the _p_resolveConflict() handler).
Reporting bugs or asking questions

We have a shared bugtracker and help desk on Launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/collective.buildout/

Change History

1.5 (2013-01-29)
  • LP #503686: Added support for setting ZEO log level. [baijum]
  • Added note on 'eggs' option. [ajung]
  • Added option to customize repozo and zeopack names [do3cc]
1.4 (2009-10-15)
  • Make sure that it's still possible to specify a storage to pack using the -S parameter for bin/zeopack. [davisagli]
  • Documented the format of the authentication database file. [hannosch]
  • Added support for more than one zeoinstance per buildout on win32 environments [erico_andrei]
  • Added support for relative-paths in the script generation. [jvloothuis]
1.3 (2009-05-14)
  • Added the new pack-days, pack-user and pack-password options to give more flexible options for the zeopack script and support packing databases which require authentication. Also reworked the zeopack internals to support packing blob storages. The default for packing is now to retain one day of database history. [hannosch]
1.2 (2009-02-25)
  • Generate a bin/repozo script to perform backups using repozo.py (and set up the appropriate pythonpath for this to work). Copied from plone.recipe.zope2instance. [fschulze]
  • Added support for the zeo.conf 'monitor-address' parameter. [mattss]
1.1 (2008-12-05)
  • Pass PYTHONPATH generated by recipe into zopeservice.py, so that it is properly setup and passed to service controlled environment. This makes it possible to use third-party ZConfig extensions with ZEO, like iw.rotatezlogs. [sidnei]
1.0 (2008-11-04)
  • Bump version number to 1.0 since this has been stable for a long time. [wichert]
  • Add MANIFEST.in file so we can create a release from an export. [wichert]
0.17 (2008-11-04)
  • Make the log format configurable and change the default to include the current time. [wichert]
0.16 (2008-10-15)
  • Adjusted the Supervisord support to ignore the command sent to the script. This avoids a positional arguments are not supported error. [hannosch]
  • The launch script now detects if it is being executed from Supervisord. This makes it more manageable for Supervisord since it no longer forks. [jvloothuis]
0.15 (2008-08-27)
  • Renamed zeoservice.py to zeoservice.py.in to avoid errors during egg creation, as it tries to compile the template file. [hannosch]
0.14 (2008-08-21)
  • Fix the test to not rely on a specific installation folder name. [dataflake]
  • Added support for a unix socket path in zeo-address and expanded the test coverage for the zeopack script generation. [dataflake]
  • Add support for ZEO authentication. [wichert]
0.13 (2008-03-27)
  • Fixed call to HandleCommandLine by computing the serviceClassString ourselves if our module name is not __main__ (ie, if it was imported from another module). This works around the fact that HandleCommandLine calls GetServiceClassString which in turn only calculates the full path if the original module is __main__. [sidnei]
  • Fixed generation of runzeo.bat when using ZEO from egg, where ZConfig is not in ZODB3_HOME. [rochael]
  • Only generate the Windows service scripts if there is a zope2-location, since it's currently the only place where the nt_svcutils can be found. [rochael]
  • Fixed test breakages on Windows. [rochael]
0.12 (2008-03-02)
  • Fixed zeopack generation so it includes zope-location. [tarek]
0.11 (2008-02-19)
  • Made Python 2.3 compatible [fschulze]
  • Added win32 specific scripts. [tarek]
  • Added a zeo-log-custom option. [tarek]
  • Added a test environement and a basic doctest to validate the recipe. [tarek]
0.10 (2008-01-09)
0.9 (2007-12-30)
  • Small documentation update. Added link to the bugtracker. [hannosch]
  • Have PID file's location default to ${buildout:directory}/var/${name}.pid. Keeping the PID file in $INSTANCE_HOME gives trouble when buildout rebuilds the part. [nouri, mbenali]
  • Change default location of zeo socket to var. [smcmahon]
  • Add option to set socket-name. [smcmahon]
  • Move the documentation to a separate README.txt and read that from setup.py. [wichert]
  • Add a wrapper around zeopack which inserts default options for our ZEO server. [wichert]
  • Added an option to set the effective-user. [optilude]
  • Updated setup.py. [optilude]
  • Similarly, there are some hardcoded dependencies on $INSTANCE_HOME/etc/. [optilude]
  • Documented options, cleaned up code, and added the ability to use a manual zeo.conf. [optilude]
  • Make this work, at least on OS X and probably unix-like system. It wouldn't surprise me if this needs adjustment for Windows in the same way that we do in plone.recipe.zope2instance. :-( [optilude]
  • Initial implementation. [regebro, hannosch]

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