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pypm install plone.app.widgets

How to install plone.app.widgets

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install plone.app.widgets
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)
1.3.3 Available View build log
Depended by
Lastest release
version 1.3.3 on Jan 9th, 2014

The goal of plone.app.widgets is to provide an implementation for a new set of javascript widgets being developed in the Plone Mockup project. It overrides existing widgets used in dexterity and archetypes to provide tested and modularized widgets based on the concept of patterns.



The widgets that are provided currently are:

  • Adjust Text Size -- Easily change text size on a page.
  • Cookie Directive -- A pattern that checks cookies enabled and asks permission for the user to allow cookies or not.
  • Expose -- Exposes the focused element by darkening everything else on the page. Useful to focus the user attention on a particular area.
  • Form Unload Alert -- A pattern to warn user when changes are unsaved and they try to navigate away from page.
  • Live Search -- Dynamically query the server and display results.
  • Modal -- Creates a modal dialog (also called overlay).
  • Pick A Date -- Allows the user to select a date (with or without time) through a calendar.
  • Picture -- A responsive image widget.
  • Prevent Double Submit -- A pattern to prevent submitting a form twice.
  • Query String for Collections -- A widget for creating query's for collections
  • Related Items -- An advanced widget for selecting related items.
  • Select2 -- Autocompletes, multiple or single selections from any kind of data source (with search!).
  • Table Sorter -- A pattern you can apply to a table so it can have its items rearranged when clicking the header.
  • TinyMCE (v4!!!) -- Rich text editor.
  • Table of Contents -- Automatically generate a table of contents.
  • Tooltip -- A pattern to show a tooltip on hover.
  • DropZone -- Drag 'n drop file upload

Widgets that are overridden in Edit forms are:

  • subject
  • language
  • effectiveDate
  • expirationDate
  • contributrors
  • creators
  • relatedItems
  • query

All client side code (javascript/css/images) is done and tested as part of Plone Mockup project.

Any feature / bug / compliment please insert in the issue tracker.


For now only tested with Plone 4.3:

extends = http://dist.plone.org/release/4.3.1/versions.cfg
versions = versions
parts = instance

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
user = admin:admin
http-address = 8080
eggs =
zcml =

plone.app.jquery = 1.8.3
plone.app.vocabularies = 2.1.11


1.3.3 (2013-09-11)
  • fix formlib uberselectionwidget override [vangheem]
  • SelectWidget fixes: support multiple-select; indicate the selected value. [davisagli]
  • Don't include time in DateWidget. [davisagli]
  • Allow to define a different vocabulary view for select widget [do3c]]
  • Don't do double batching in select widget code [do3cc]
1.3.2 (2013-08-12)
  • Allow overriding with a custom vocabulary for Archetypes. [pbauer]
  • Reuse z3c.form SelectWidget's logic for determing what items are available rather than recreating it incompletely. [davisagli]
  • Use normal widget templates for z3c.form widgets in hidden mode. [davisagli]
  • add formlib uber selection override for portlets [vangheem]
1.3.1 (2013-07-22)
  • handle plone.app.relationfield not being installed [vangheem]
  • handle unicode data in widgets beter [vangheem]
1.3 (2013-07-21)
  • Additional set of widgets added and improved at Oshkosh and Bastille Sprint. [bunch of ppl]
  • Fix bug where empty select elements rendered as <select/> [davisagli]
  • Use normal widget templates for z3c.form widgets in display mode. [davisagli]
  • For Archetypes subject fields, use the field's vocabulary_factory and fall back to 'plone.app.vocabularies.Keywords' if it's not present. [thet]
  • Conditional include of collection QueryStringWidget which expects plone.app.contenttypes. [saily]
  • Restructure buildout to build an instance. [saily]
  • Add travis icon [saily]
  • Add german translation [saily]
  • Fields and widgets demo gallery added [miohtama]
0.2 (2013-03-04)
  • add support for dexterity content types as well. [garbas]
  • using select2 pattern instead of textext pattern for select/autocomplete elements. [garbas]
0.1 (2013-01-31)
  • initial release [garbas]

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