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pypm install minitage.recipe

How to install minitage.recipe

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install minitage.recipe
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
1.41 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
1.41 Available View build log
Mac OS X (10.5+)
1.41 Available View build log
Linux (32-bit)
1.41 Available View build log
Linux (64-bit)
1.41 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 1.41 on Jan 5th, 2011


This was a collection of recipes which can be use inside or outside a minitage environment.

As they are now all splitted out from this package, we keep only left the entry points for asccendant compatibility purpose. the build environment automaticly.

The egg has those entry point: - cmmi: install configure/make/make install softwares - fetch: fetch something, somewhere, with git, http, frp, static, hg, svn or bzr. - egg: install python eggs / packages 'setuptoolisables' - printer: print or dump to a file all versions needed to achieve eggs requirements (versions.cfg made easy) - scripts: install scripts from an egg and install egg dependencies if they are not already in the cache - wsgi: Make a Python paste configuration file eatable by mod_wsgi with all the eggs dependencies you need.

You can browse the code on minitage's following resources:

You can migrate your buldouts without any effort with buildout.minitagificator:


  • integrate other recipes
  • split recipes into separate packages


  • fix rst doc
  • add ldflags and ldflags options


  • install-in-place option added and pivot on make install slightly

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modified - skip-flags option added - prefix option added


  • unpack option added
  • md5sum un revision for static fetcher check added


  • remove fake eggs and develop eggs from fixed versions.
-> 1.20


  • better errors handling
  • In particular for eggs and url, now md5 urls are preferred.
  • Also when we can't download a distribution from somewhere, we try to

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fallback to other distributions which achieve the desired requirement - In the same way, try to compile eggs from any other sdist fullfilling the requirement if an error occurs on the first found.


  • new patch selection for freebsd:

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  • Fix some double spaces left in compilation flags which broke some exotic

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system builders.

  • add enrionment file generation to the scripts recipe
  • cmmi buggy update methods
1.11 - 1.12
  • rescan egg direcrectories at install time because there may be new

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develop eggs or eggs installed by buildout extensions (mr.developer) - fix for interaction with buildout.minitagificator and zc.buildout.easy_install..*script

  • bugfix with cache and static distributions.
  • make patches go in a personnal directory with some md5 mecanism to redownload them.
  • x64 fixes
  • bugfix in static distribution install when you have patches to apply.
  • release uncomitted unittests updates
  • make it compatible with zc.buildout 1.0
  • md5 bug
  • first stable release.
  • All recipe are documented and well tested.
  • buildout.minitagificator is completed.
  • stabilized and synced with other minitage components
  • minitage.recipe:eggs has been drasticly improved in term of algorythms and speed.
  • Fix python executable computation
  • Documentation and tests release
  • Fix bug in recipes initialization because of buildout auto-ordering
  • Add another hook to the cmmi recipe: post-download
  • Fix an annoying bug when you are using virtualenv and a classical

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python as executable in your recipe, it may occur that sometimes, the virtualenv site-packages is appended to PYTHONPATH. As a fix, we now filter all python core lib directories and site packages that are not relevant to the python used by the recipe.

  • Introduce the minitage.recipe:wsgi recipe wich wraps a paste wsgi application

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in a script eatable by mod_wsgi

  • stop lowering project_name
  • Fix small bugs in printer
  • Introduce a new recipe : minitage.recipe:printer which prints/dumps to a

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file all versions eggs needed to achieve requirements.

  • Fix bug in compilation directory guessing
  • Fix bug in distribution reloading
  • Better handling of pkg_resources's working set
  • add a post build hook
  • Change installation order
  • Fix index and find links options
0.14 -> 0.15
  • logging output improved
  • newest mode handling
  • fix static dist install
  • bugfix for zipped eggs
  • import bugfix for minitagificator
  • Change some logging options
  • follow allow host option from buildout for eggs installation
  • Do not rely anymore on zc.buildout ez for script generation
0.7 -> 0.8
  • egg and scripts recipes were rewritten a lot to adapt their api to

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zc.recipe.egg - Common to all recipes: all arguements are now identicak to zc.recipe.cmmi or zc.recipe.egg - Dependencies resolver has been improved a lot - For static distribution, you can know speicify multiple urls with 'urls'

  • fix bug in path generation in minitage.recipe:scripts
0.2 -> 0.5
  • add make-options for make option in minitage.recipe.cmmi
  • multiple bugfixes
  • make things append in subprocess for environment conversation
  • add initiaiization code for generated python interpreter in

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  • add fetch recipe
  • fix zip safe flag
  • Include eggs dependencies by default
  • Modulate the script recipe to append in the PYTHONPATH all egg dependencies

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found into the local eggs cache.

  • Add pyc regeneration feature stolen from zc.buildout
  • minor fix for run without minitage
  • fix for long path/compilation flags
  • minor fix for scm check outs
  • add C compiler cflags/ldflags/makeopts customistation options
  • Change the eggs installation way to do, now using easy_install everywhere

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Also include a buildout option to allow to include eggs dependencies (ez-dependencies-true) - Set the __doc__ variable in scripts to fix some scripts like bzr.

  • fix scm choice when there are eggs and url in the same part
  • bugfix version
  • fix linking problem
  • Initial version

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Last updated Jan 5th, 2011

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