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pypm install ideone

How to install ideone

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Buy and install the Business Edition license from account.activestate.com
  3. Open Command Prompt
  4. Type pypm install ideone

ideone contains builds that are only available via PyPM when you have a current ActivePython Business Edition subscription.

 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
0.1.4 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
0.1.4 Available View build log
Mac OS X (10.5+)
0.1.4 Available View build log
Linux (32-bit)
0.1.4 Available View build log
Linux (64-bit)
0.1.4 Available View build log

Ideone is a pastebin, as well as an online compiler and debugger. This project is a Pythonic binding to the Ideone API.


The Ideone API can also be installed with pip from PyPI using pip install ideone. Alternately, you can clone the repository and use setup.py like so

git clone https://github.com/jschaf/ideone-api.git
cd ideone-api
python setup.py install

Getting Started

You need an Ideone account and an API password which you can create at the Ideone registration page. After that, open up a Python shell and begin hacking.

>>> from ideone import Ideone
>>> i = Ideone('username', 'APIpassword')
>>> i.test()
{'answerToLifeAndEverything': 42,
 'error': "OK",
 'moreHelp': "ideone.com",
 'oOok': True,
 'pi': 3.14}

>>> i.create_submission('print(42)', language_name='python')
{'error': 'OK',
 'link' : 'LsSbo'}

>>> i.create_submission('print(42)', language_id=166)
{'error': 'OK',
 'link' : 'FDfrM'}

>>> i.submission_details('LsSbo')
{'cmpinfo': "",
 'date': "2011-04-18 15:24:14",
 'error': "OK",
 'input': "",
 'langId': 116,
 'langName': "Python 3",
 'langVersion': "python-3.1.2",
 'memory': 5852,
 'output': 42,
 'public': True,
 'result': 15,
 'signal': 0,
 'source': "print(42)",
 'status': 0,
 'stderr': "",
 'time': 0.02}

>>> i.languages()
{'error': 'OK',
'languages': {1: "C++ (gcc-4.3.4)",
              2: "Pascal (gpc) (gpc 20070904)",
              125: "Falcon (falcon-"}}

Supported Languages

As of 27 May 2012, Ideone supports the following languages. You don't need to use the full names for language_name. The simplified name works just as well with this API.

Index Ideone Full Name Simplified Name
1 C++ (gcc-4.3.4) C++
2 Pascal (gpc) (gpc 20070904) Pascal
3 Perl (perl 5.12.1) Perl
4 Python (python 2.7.2) Python
5 Fortran (gfortran-4.3.4) Fortran
6 Whitespace (wspace 0.3) Whitespace
7 Ada (gnat-4.3.2) Ada
8 Ocaml (ocamlopt 3.10.2) Ocaml
9 Intercal (c-intercal 28.0-r1) Intercal
10 Java (sun-jdk- Java
11 C (gcc-4.3.4) C
12 Brainf**k (bff- Brainf**k
13 Assembler (nasm-2.07) Assembler
14 CLIPS (clips 6.24) CLIPS
15 Prolog (swi) (swipl 5.6.64) Prolog
16 Icon (iconc 9.4.3) Icon
17 Ruby (ruby-1.9.2) Ruby
19 Pike (pike 7.6.86) Pike
21 Haskell (ghc-6.8.2) Haskell
22 Pascal (fpc) (fpc 2.2.0) Pascal
23 Smalltalk (gst 3.1) Smalltalk
25 Nice (nicec 0.9.6) Nice
26 Lua (luac 5.1.4) Lua
27 C# (mono-2.8) C#
28 Bash (bash 4.0.35) Bash
29 PHP (php 5.2.11) PHP
30 Nemerle (ncc 0.9.3) Nemerle
32 Common Lisp (clisp) (clisp 2.47) Common Lisp
33 Scheme (guile) (guile 1.8.5) Scheme
34 C99 strict (gcc-4.3.4) C99 strict
35 JavaScript (rhino) (rhino-1.6.5) JavaScript
36 Erlang (erl-5.7.3) Erlang
38 Tcl (tclsh 8.5.7) Tcl
39 Scala (scala-2.9.1) Scala
40 SQL (sqlite3-3.7.3) SQL
43 Objective-C (gcc-4.5.1) Objective-C
44 C++0x (gcc-4.5.1) C++0x
45 Assembler (gcc-4.3.4) Assembler
54 Perl 6 (rakudo-2010.08) Perl 6
55 Java7 (sun-jdk-1.7.0_03) Java7
62 Text (text 6.10) Text
101 VB.NET (mono- VB.NET
102 D (dmd) (dmd-2.042) D
104 AWK (gawk) (gawk-3.1.6) AWK
105 AWK (mawk) (mawk-1.3.3) AWK
106 COBOL 85 (tinycobol-0.65.9) COBOL 85
107 Forth (gforth-0.7.0) Forth
108 Prolog (gnu) (gprolog-1.3.1) Prolog
110 bc (bc-1.06.95) bc
111 Clojure (clojure 1.3) Clojure
112 JavaScript (spidermonkey) (spidermonkey-1.7) JavaScript
114 Go (gc-2010-07-14) Go
115 Unlambda (unlambda-2.0.0) Unlambda
116 Python 3 (python-3.1.2) Python 3
117 R (R-2.11.1) R
118 COBOL (open-cobol-1.0) COBOL
119 Oz (mozart-1.4.0) Oz
121 Groovy (groovy-1.8.6) Groovy
122 Nimrod (nimrod-0.8.8) Nimrod
123 Factor (factor-0.93) Factor
124 F# (fsharp-2.0.0) F#
125 Falcon (falcon- Falcon

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