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pypm install eea.googlecharts

How to install eea.googlecharts

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install eea.googlecharts
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
7.9Never BuiltWhy not?
4.5 Available View build log
4.2 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
7.9Never BuiltWhy not?
4.5 Available View build log
4.2 Available View build log
Mac OS X (10.5+)
7.9Never BuiltWhy not?
4.5 Available View build log
4.2 Available View build log
Linux (32-bit)
7.9Never BuiltWhy not?
4.5 Available View build log
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4.2 Available View build log
Linux (64-bit)
7.9 Available View build log
4.5 Available View build log
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Depended by
Lastest release
version 7.9 on Jan 9th, 2014
http://ci.eionet.europa.eu/job/eea.googlecharts-www/badge/icon http://ci.eionet.europa.eu/job/eea.googlecharts-plone4/badge/icon http://ci.eionet.europa.eu/job/eea.googlecharts-zope/badge/icon

EEA Google Charts provides Google Charts framework integration for eea.app.visualization. See eea.daviz package for more details.



Create and configure charts and dashboards on an intuitive visualization editor.

You can easily make visualizations like:

Main features

  1. Intuitive visualization editor to create interactive charts.
  2. Large amount of visualizations available: Area, Bar, Bubble, Candlestick, Column, Combo Chart, Gauge, Geo Intensity Maps, Line, Pie, Radar, Scatter, Stepped Area, Table, Tree Map, Motion Charts
  3. Dashboard. Group charts into one or more dashboards.
  4. Add filters to charts or dashboards.
  5. Share any chart. Embeddable visualization in any webpage.
  6. Customizable chart options and colors
  7. Data table manipulation via drag and drop, preparing table for chart
  8. Pivot table (Transpose), transform row values into columns and viceversa


  1. Zope 2.12+
  2. eea.converter
  3. eea.app.visualization

Source code

Latest source code (Zope 2 compatible): - Plone Collective on Github - EEA on Github


EEA - European Environment Agency (EU)


7.9 - (2013-08-22)
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues with visualizations not showing up [szabozo0 refs #16287]
  • Bugfix: Fixed not working filters on view [szabozo0 refs #15630]
7.8 - (2013-08-21)
  • Bugfix: Fixed pre-pivot filters for multiple visualizations in Daviz [szabozo0 refs #15630]
7.7 - (2013-08-08)
  • Bugfix: Layout fixes for embedded daviz, made border visible [szabozo0 refs #14910]
  • Feature: Added loading spinner on charts while rendering [szabozo0 refs #14676]
  • Change: small layout fixes, padding issues for logo and QR code. [demarant http://taskman.eionet.europa.eu/issues/14910]
7.6 - (2013-07-08)
  • Feature: Save motionchart's advanced configuration [szabozo0 refs #14794]
  • Bugfix: Fixed embedded charts and dashboards for IE8 & 9 [szabozo0 refs #14862]
  • Bugfix: Fixed special characters from metadata for visualizations [szabozo0 refs #14795]
  • Bugfix: Fixed side panel for motion charts in edit mode [szabozo0 refs #14793]
7.5 - (2013-06-17)
  • Feature: Added possibility to specify in table editors filters if hidden or visible rows to be stored [szabozo0 refs #14244]
  • Feature: Package localization enhanced [lepri]
7.4 - (2013-05-20)
  • Bugfix: Added missing endsWith function to avoid js errors when using eea.googlecharts without eea.exhibit [szabozo0 #9941]
7.3 - (2013-04-17)
  • Bugfix: Fixed formatters on dashboards [szabozo0 #9583]
  • Change: Added upgrade step [szabozo0]
7.2 - (2013-04-17)
  • Bugfix: Fixed formatters for pivoted columns [szabozo0 refs #9583]
  • Change: - On color formatter allow user to select colors from company default palette - On color formatter determine automatically text color (black or white) depending on background color [szabozo0 refs #9583]
  • Change: For different column types display only available formatters [szabozo0 refs #9583]
  • Feature: Added formatters for googlecharts [szabozo0 refs #9583]
  • Bugfix: Fixed chart preview to take in consideration filters [szabozo0 refs #14116]
  • Bugfix: Layout fixes for googlechart editor, input fields on custom tab [szabozo0 refs #14226]
  • Feature: Enhanced chart filters for pivot tables [szabozo0 refs #14070]
7.1 - (2013-03-15)
  • Bugfix : Fixed resize of chart and chartArea when textbox is used for size dimensions [szabozo0 refs #13673]
  • Feature: added information for contributors [ciobabog refs #13892]
  • Feature: Added userfriendly resize of chart & chartArea [szabozo0 refs #13673]
  • Change: Added description to controlpanel fields [szabozo0]
  • Compatibility with jqueryui 1.10 [kiorky]
7.0 - (2013-02-25)
  • Feature: Enable Charts view by default only if it's not disabled in controlpanel for context's portal_type [voineali]
  • Change: Enable Charts view on VisualizationEnabledEvent [voineali]
6.9 - (2013-02-21)
  • Bug fix: Updated googlecharts embed to draw the chart only if the container is visible [szabozo0 refs #13673]
  • Change: Disable "sort by column" for table charts [szabozo0 refs #13902]
  • Bug fix: Fix CSS for multi-select filters and if filters position is set to "Right" [voineali refs #13850]
  • Bug fix: Updated color palettes for charts, if column filters are used, the columns will have an assigned color from the palette, and all the time will have the same color [szabozo0 refs #13678]
  • Bug fix: Display multi select filter properly when using inline embed [szabozo0 refs #13853]
  • Bug fix: Fixed preview for charts [szabozo0 refs #13739]
  • Bug fix: Fixed chart editor for treemap [szabozo0 refs #13784]
  • Bug fix: Added eea.notranslation domain for translations [prospchr refs #13827]
6.8 - (2013-02-01)
  • Bug fix: Fixed row filters for columns with empty values [szabozo0 refs #9578]
6.7 - (2013-01-23)
  • Bug fix: Fixed embedded dashboards to use row filters [szabozo0 refs #9578]
  • Change: Allow possibility to set filter on all types of columns, not only text [szabozo0 refs #9578]
6.6 - (2013-01-18)
  • Bug fix: Fixed slickgrid layout [szabozo0]
6.5 - (2013-01-15)
  • Feature: Added view to get notes for a chart and dashboard [szabozo0 refs #10239]
  • Bug fix: Fixed embed for migrated dashboards [szabozo0 refs #10239]
6.4 - (2013-01-11)
  • Bug fix: Update jquery_src to return the first available jQuery JS resource [avoinea]
  • Bug fix: Fixed visualization migration to create the default images for charts [szabozo0]
  • Feature: Added italian translations [simahawk]
6.3 - (2013-01-10)
  • Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on upgrade button available for eea.googlecharts. For non-Plone usage you'll have to manually run @@migrate-dashboards for all visualizations that have Google-Dashboard enabled.
  • Feature: Added possibility to have inline embeds of charts and dashboards [szabozo0 refs #10239]
  • Bugfix: Implemented workaround to display bubble value notes for charts in firefox [szabozo0 refs #9941]
  • Feature: Added possibility to select on view which columns to be used for the chart [szabozo0 refs #9581]
  • Bugfix: Fixed hidden widgets for dashboards; fixed notes for charts; fixed qr code when disabled [szabozo0 refs #10207]
  • Feature: Multiple dashboards support on view and embed [szabozo0 refs #9572]
  • Bugfix: Improved loading time of chart editor [szabozo0 #9578]
  • Feature: Possibility to add richtext notes on each chart [voineali refs #9577]
  • Feature: Allow row filtering on dashboards also [szabozo0 refs #9578]
  • Change: On saving thumbnail, move it to the top of the folder [szabozo0]
  • Bug fix: Don't throw error when trying to display inexistent charts in iframes [szabozo0]
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug on chart editor: Some charts didn't trigger the ready event and the editor couldn't work with these type of charts [szabozo0]
  • Change: Updated chart tab layout [szabozo0]
  • Change: On chart tab display the charts generic thumb [szabozo0 refs #9563]
  • Change: For better performace, on the chart tab display the charts in iframes [szabozo0 refs #9563]
  • Bugfix: Don't try to save png charts when visualization is not folderish
  • Change: Store temporary data for preview chart in a volatile variable [szabozo0]
  • Feature: Integrated slickgrid in chart table configurator, Added row filtering for charts on edit [szabozo0 refs #9578]
  • Feature: Added default sort for charts on edit [szabozo0 refs #9949]
  • Bug fix: Fixed table pivoting [szabozo0 refs #9588]
  • Feature: On saving a chart, copy the generic chart image in the visualization [szabozo0 refs #10019]
  • Bug fix: Fixed saving of png versions of charts [szabozo0 #9997]
  • Bug fix: saner jquery source injection (makes Chameleon happy) [simahawk]
6.2 - (2012-11-12)
  • Bug fix: Layout fixes for dashboard view
6.1 - (2012-11-09)
  • Feature: Added i18n translations [avoinea]
  • Feature: Save PNG version for each chart [szabozo0 #9562]
  • Feature: Added possibility to sort data on chart view [szabozo0 #9595]
  • Change: For better readability, modified titles on views to have chart title before main title [szabozo0 #9624]
  • Feature: Added possibility to hide charts [szabozo0 #5600]
6.0 - (2012-10-08)
  • Bug fix: Fixed timeline charts [szabozo0]
  • Bug fix: Fixed png export when qrcode or watermark is not configured properly [szabozo0 refs #5570]
  • Bug fix: Fixed dashboard editor to save chart and filters box size on resize with mouse [szabozo0 refs #5565]
  • Change: Use Multiple Category Filters on embedded dashboards also [szabozo0 refs #5560]
  • Change: Simplify charts editor by making pivot-tables optional by default [voineali refs #5550]
  • Bugfix: Updated png export and thumbnails for charts as google changed the way how the svg is generated [szabozo0 #5549]
  • Feature: Use centralized daviz settings instead of plone properties On upgrading eea.googlecharts migrate settings from portal_properties to portal_daviz [szabozo0 #5449]
  • Bug fix: Use portal logo as default brand settings for charts. changed default position of QR-code to bottom left.
  • Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on upgrade button available for eea.googlecharts
  • Bug fix: Fixed list columnType [voineali refs #5513]
  • Feature: Made this package Plone independent (Zope2 minimal requirements) [voineali refs #5422]
4.8 - (2012-08-28)
  • Feature: Added customStyle attribute for embedded charts. [szabozo0 refs #5488]
4.7 - (2012-08-27)
  • Feature: Use Visualization title and Chart title on PNG export and embedded charts and dashboards [szabozo0 refs #5447]
  • Upgrde step: ZMI > portal_setup > import > profile "EEA Google Charts" > import Javascript registry
  • Feature: Improved space usage on Chart Editor [szabozo0 refs #5466]
  • Feature: Allow columns to be hidden from pivot [szabozo0 refs #5450]
  • Bug fix: Fixed preview chart in chart editor [szabozo0 refs #5448]
  • Bug fix: Set default pivot column value to 'undefined' instead of 0 in order not to represent wrong values on charts [voineali refs #5453]
4.6 - (2012-08-10)
  • Feature: Extend daviz dashboard with HTML widget + classic portlet macro [voineali refs #5365]
  • Bug fix: Fixed charts position in dashboard [voineali]
  • Bug fix: Fixed columns order [szabozo0 refs #5137]
  • Feature: Compatible with Plone 4.2 [voineali refs #5346]
  • Bug fix: Fixed preview and dashboard iframes with error message: "Request URI is too long" [szabozo0 refs #5384]
  • Feature: Changed size of QR code configurable from ZMI [szabozo0 refs #5379]
4.5 - (2012-07-13)
  • Bugfix: Fixed overlapping watermark and qr code on png export [szabozo0 refs #4940]
  • Feature: Added scatterplots matrix and line, bar, column, pie matrices [szabozo0 refs #4952]
  • Bugfix: Fixed dropdowns in chart editor [szabozo0 refs #5337]
  • Change: improved the boxed look of charts, now the branding and filters clearly look as integral part of the visualization chart itself. [demarant refs #4940]
  • Bug Fix: Fixed i18n missing tags in eea.googlecharts [prospchr refs #5162]
4.4 - (2012-06-12)
  • Change: Optimize table show/hide and header sorting [voineali]
4.3 - (2012-06-12)
  • Upgrde step: ZMI > portal_setup > import > profile "EEA Google Charts" > import Plone Properties registry
  • Feature: Added QR Codes and Logo on charts [szabozo0 #4940]
  • Feature: Added Show All, Hide All, Reverse Selection buttons on Table manipulation for easier configuration. [szabozo0 #5126]
  • Bug fix: Fixed dashboard filters and canvas width and height in view mode when they are not provided [voineali]
  • Bug fix: Do not do a hard refresh on "Edit visualizations" when saving 'Global settings' or Enable/Disable Daviz Visualizations [voineali refs #5024]
  • Feature: Use the eea.app.visualization API for daviz views in edit mode. This way we can use the same API to disable Google Charts views [voineali refs #5024]
  • Feature: Added preview images for Google Charts Views [voineali refs #5024]
  • Feature: Added unique URLs for chart tabs in order to easily bookmark and share them. Also support browser history (back and forward buttons) [voineali refs #4851]
4.2 - (2012-04-26)
  • Feature: Added parameters to set the size of embedded charts, Removed additional paddings from embedded charts. [szabozo0 #5070]
4.1 - (2012-03-30)
  • Upgrade step: ZMI > portal_javascripts > disable custom_datatable.js ZMI > portal_skins > custom > remove custom_datatable.js
  • Feature: Automatically add Charts as a view for Daviz and create a default table view with all columns [voineali #4949]
  • Feature: Added the possibility to select color palette on the chart editor The palettes can be defined in palettes.js Upgrade step: ZMI > portal_setup > profile "EEA Google Charts" > import Javascript registry [szabozo0 #4988]
  • Bug fix: added default config to disable trail and chart buttons on motion chart as it is buggy and crashes on all browsers. [demarant #5013]
  • Feature: Refactoring to be able to use this package as a standalone or as part of eea.daviz bundle [voineali #4996]
  • Bug fix: Fixed column detection in table preparation for google chart api [szabozo0 #4992]
4.0 - (2012-03-05)
  • Initial release [szabozo0]

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