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pypm install eea.eggmonkey

How to install eea.eggmonkey

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install eea.eggmonkey
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)
2.2 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 2.2 on Jan 9th, 2014


This tools should be used together with zc.buildout, mr.developer and jarn.mkrelease. Its purpose is to automate a series of 10 steps that are required in order to produce and upload an egg on the eggrepo.

The ten steps are:

  1. Bump version.txt to correct version; from -dev to final
  2. Update history file with release date; Record final release date
  3. Run "mkrelease -d eea" in package dir
  4. (Optional) Run "python setup.py sdist upload -r eea"
  5. Update versions.cfg file in buildout: svn up eea-buildout/versions.cfg
  6. Change version for package in eea-buildout/versions.cfg
  7. Commit versions.cfg file: svn commit versions.cfg
  8. Bump package version file; From final to +1-dev
  9. Update history file. Add Unreleased section
  10. SVN commit the dev version of the package.

eea.eggmonkey requires python2.6


To use it, you need to add eea.eggmonkey as an extension to zc.buildout, for example:


extensions =
mr.developer eea.eggmonkey
parts =
monkey ...

Also, you need to add a new part (+ the python26 part, if you don't already have it):

[monkey] recipe = zc.recipe.egg eggs = eea.eggmonkey python = python26

[python26] executable = /usr/bin/python2.6


Before you use it, you need to run bin/buildout (or bin/develop) at least once. This allows eggmonkey to learn about the sources and the packages in auto-checkout.

After that, you can use the monkey script from bin. Learn about its parameters by running

bin/monkey -h

Typical usage would be:

bin/monkey eea.indicators

You can specify multiple packages on the command line, they will all be processed:

bin/monkey eea.indicators eea.workflow eea.version

Or, if you want to release all eggs specified in the auto-checkout section of buildout:

bin/monkey -a

There is a special option that works around bugs in registering the egg with eggrepos and will run a "python sdist upload" operation, using the -u switch:

bin/monkey -u eea.indicators

If you're doing manual upload, you may need to specify a different python path, with the -p switch:

bin/monkey -u eea.indicators -p ~/tools/bin/python

If you need to specify the path to the mkrelease script, you can give it as an argument to the script, using the -m switch:

bin/monkey eea.indicators -m /path/to/bin/mkrelease

If you don't want to specify this path, place the mkrelease script in the PATH environment variable (typically this can be achieved by activating its virtualenv).

Finally, if you're releasing eggs to a different repository, or if you have eggrepo.eea.europa.eu aliased as something different then "eea", you can manually specify this using the -d switch:

bin/monkey -d eeaeggs eea.indicators

If you want to forbid all network operations (for example, during testing), you can run

bin/monkey -n eea.indicators
Providing defaults with a configuration file

You can write a file ~/.eggmonkey in the following format:

[*] python = /path/to/python mkrelease = /path/to/mkrelease manual_upload = true domain = eea

[eea.indicators] domain = eea pypi

This is a ConfigParser file format where each section is a package name, with the exception of the star (*), which provides defaults for all packages. The following options can be configured: python, mkrelease, manual_upload and domain. The domain option can be a space separated list of package repository aliases where the package will be uploaded.

System requirements

Needs libsvn-dev and libaprutil1-dev (on Debian systems) and apr-util-devel, subversion-devel on Redhat systems


[Tiberiu Ichim - tiberiu.ichim@eaudeweb.ro]

2.2 - (2013-08-09)
  • Bug fix: add deleted line by mistake [tiberich]
2.1 - (2013-05-16)
  • Feature: Added script to check packages release on pypi but not on plone.org [voineali]
  • Bug fix: changed check_latest script to use the .installed.cfg file to get egg information, avoid messing around in buildout internals and depend on zc.buildout.unloadextension which doesn't seem to work properly [tiberich #14390]
2.0 - (2013-03-06)
  • Bug fix: commit version.txt and history.txt before releasing package [tiberich #13987]
1.9 - (2013-02-08)
  • Bug fix: don't fail if incompatible version of zc.buildout is used This is used in the clean sources folder [tiberich]
1.8 - (2013-01-28)
  • Bug fix: added info about what fields are required in package metadata [tiberich]
1.7 - (2013-01-15)
  • Bug fix: strip BOM from first character in file [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: don't abort if failing to install collective.dist [tiberich]
1.6 - (2012-11-22)
  • Bug fix: fixed /src cleanup when repo source ends with / [ghicaale refs #9527]
1.5 - (2012-11-22)
  • Bug fix: improve history parsing when no empty lines are left between version sections [tiberich refs #10000]
1.4 - (2012-11-20)
  • Bug fix: add a newline in generated MANIFEST.in [tiberich refs #5493]
1.3 - (2012-08-29)
  • Bug fix: Push tags on github when releasing new eggs [voineali fixes #5486]
1.2 - (2012-08-07)
  • Change: make manual upload the default operation, avoids problem with eea eggrepo server. [tiberich #5356]
1.1 - (2012-08-07)
  • Feature: added utility script that will simply make a package be at -dev version. This is useful when developing eggmonkey itself. [tiberich #5356]
  • Bug fix: fixed handling of default domains [tiberich #5356]
  • Bug fix: fix handling commits with git repos [tiberich #5356]
1.0 - (2012-07-13)
  • Feature: improved output with changelog of unreleased eggs, so we quickly know what is in each unreleased egg. [demarant refs #5224]
  • Change: use a different versioning strategy for increasing versions Now we go from 0.0.9 to 0.1.0 instead of 0.0.10 [tiberich #5293]
0.40 - (2012-06-12)
  • Bug fix: exit eggmonkey when not ignoring errors and there's an error [tiberich]
0.39 - (2012-05-21)
  • Bug fix: fix entry point for print_unreleased_packages [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: fixed markup of HISTORY.txt file [ciobabog refs #5231]
0.38 - (2012-05-21)
  • Bug fix: don't overwrite manifest file if it exists [tiberich]
0.37 - (2012-05-21)
  • Bug fix: don't fail when encountering history entry line that start with a revision number (in format rNNN) [tiberich #3978]
  • Feature: use zest.pocompile to compile the po files to mo [tiberich #5120]
0.36 - (2012-04-20)
  • Bug fix: fix scms [tiberich #4154]
0.35 - (2012-04-20)
  • Bug fix: fix scms [tiberich #4154]
0.34 - (2012-04-19)
  • Bug fix: fix scms [tiberich #4154]
0.33 - (2012-04-19)
  • Bug fix: fix scms wrongfully dealing with paths [tiberich #4154]
0.32 - (2012-04-19)
  • Bug fix: print_pypi_plone_unreleased_eggs sys exit with the right exit code (1) if there are package unreleased on pypi or plone.org. [voineali]
  • Feature: also works with mercurial and git [tiberich #4154]
0.31 - (2012-01-04)
  • Feature: Added print_pypi_plone_unreleased_eggs console script that will print packages that are not released also on pypi, plone.org [voineali]
0.30 - (2011-10-07)
  • Feature: added print_unreleased_packages console script that will print packages where the history is dirty [tiberich]
  • Cleanup: of pyflakes warnings [ichimdav #4141]
  • Cleanup: of pylint violations [ichimdav #4140]
  • Change: use the --quiet flag when running setup sdist on manual-upload operations [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: print steps and instructions when exiting because of error [tiberich]
0.29 - (2010-12-10)
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug when processing personal configuration file with no entries for current package [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: fixed printing messages when running in offline mode [tiberich]
  • Feature: allow processing of history files that have revision numbers of versions for releases [tiberich]
0.28 - (2010-11-25)
  • Bug fix: always install collective.dist, even when running in --no-network mode [tiberich]
0.27 - (2010-11-22)
  • Feature: allow custom configuration in ~/.eggmonkey [tiberich]
  • Change: Use -q (quiet) flag when running mkrelease and easy_install [tiberich #3858]
0.26 - (2010-11-19)
  • Bug fix: fix bug in releasing egg with -u switch [tiberich]
0.25 - (2010-11-16)
  • Feature: use collective.dist to check for package metadata validity [tiberich #3851]
  • Feature: now you can specify multiple repositories to register and upload egg [tiberich #3850]
  • Change: use exception raising for exiting the program [tiberich]
0.24 - (2010-11-11)
  • Bug fix: improved history file whiteline detection [tiberich #3807]
  • Bug fix: made svn up only execute when network operations are allowed [tiberich #3807]
0.23 - (2010-11-10)
  • Change: Improve svn commit message when changing version to -dev [tiberich #3807]
0.22 - (2010-11-10)
  • Change: Add tests for version incrementing [tiberich #3807]
  • Bug fix: Improve algorithm for version incrementing, now we also look at -svn versions [tiberich #3807]
  • Bug fix: Improve algorithm for version validation [tiberich #3807]
  • Bug fix: Test if mkrelease path is the same as python path, to alert for user error [tiberich #3807]
  • Bug fix: Move svn update to the top of package sanity check [tiberich #3807]
  • Bug fix: Look for a numeric version in the setup.py file, and fail if there is one [tiberich #3807]
  • Bug fix: test if version in HISTORY.txt is the same as the one in version.txt [tiberich #3807]
0.21 - (2010-10-29)
  • Bug fix: Run svn up before processing a package [tiberich #3806]
0.20 - (2010-10-28)
  • Feature: Added --python configuration option to be used with manual upload [tiberich]
  • Change: refactored message printing [tiberich]
0.19 - (2010-10-20)
  • Add MANIFEST.in file when it's missing
0.18 - (2010-09-30)
  • Changed the sdist command so that it will generate zips instead of .tar.gz [tiberich #3642]
0.17 - (2010-09-30)
  • Remove y/n/q prompt when doing step if has argument to continue [tiberich #3642]
0.16 - (2010-09-30)
  • Check validity of package name and explain that eggmonkey needs to run from the buildout folder [tiberich #3642]
0.15 - (2010-09-28)
  • Bugfix: Fix printing of debug message for manual upload step [tiberich #3642]
0.14 - (2010-09-28)
  • Feature: handle cases when setup.cfg cause manual upload to deliver svn versions [tiberich #3642]
  • Feature: print blue messages about commands being ran [tiberich #3642]
0.13 - (2010-09-28)
  • Feature: check that the version that we get from parsing files is valid [tiberich #3642]
0.12 - (2010-09-28)
  • Bug fix: Check that the package is at -dev version when starting to process it [tiberich #3642]
0.11 - (2010-09-20)
  • Use colored ouput to make eggmonkey messages easier to distinguish
  • Check if versions.cfg exists before starting
  • Get input from user in case of error when doing mkrelease, if used with -u flag
  • Improve commit message when changing version to development
0.10 - (2010-09-17)
  • Add sanity checks for mkrelease script and package path
0.9 - (2010-09-16)
  • Update readme file with details about python2.6 requirement
0.8 - (2010-09-16)
  • Fix bug in history file handling
0.7 - (2010-09-16)
  • Fix small bug in incrementing versions.cfg
0.6 - (2010-09-16)
  • Use the shell for the manual upload operation
0.5 - (2010-09-16)
  • Change the way the manual upload is executed
0.4 - (2010-09-16)
  • Fix setup upload command execution
0.3 - (2010-09-16)
  • Fix wrong name for setup.py inside the monkey module
0.2 - (2010-09-16)
  • mkrelease fails with error due to inexistent register command on eggrepo, now we handle this [tiberich]
0.1 - (2010-09-16)
  • Initial commit [tiberich]

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