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pypm install cykooz.title

How to install cykooz.title

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install cykooz.title
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
1.0.0 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
1.0.0 Available View build log
Mac OS X (10.5+)
1.0.0 Available View build log
Linux (32-bit)
1.0.0 Available View build log
Linux (64-bit)
1.0.0 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 1.0.0 on Mar 15th, 2011

This package implements adapters for adapting any object to ITitle interface.

Let's do some imports we will use later.

>>> import zope.interface
>>> import zope.component
>>> from zope.annotation.interfaces import IAttributeAnnotatable
>>> from zope.dublincore.interfaces import IZopeDublinCore
>>> from zope.container.interfaces import IContained
>>> from cykooz.title.interfaces import ITitle
>>> from cykooz.title import adapters

Let's register the adapters, this is normally done in configure.zcml:

>>> zope.component.provideAdapter(adapters.ClassName2TitleAdapter)
>>> zope.component.provideAdapter(adapters.Contained2TitleAdapter)
>>> zope.component.provideAdapter(adapters.ZDC2TitleAdapter)

Implement test object:

>>> class SomeClass(object):
...     zope.interface.implements(zope.interface.Interface)
>>> some_object = SomeClass()

Get title from class name:

>>> ITitle(some_object).title

Now change the test object so that it provide IContained:

>>> zope.interface.directlyProvides(some_object, IContained)
>>> some_object.__name__ = u'NameInContainer'
>>> ITitle(some_object).title

Change the test object so that is provide only IAttributeAnnotatable:

>>> zope.interface.directlyProvides(some_object, IAttributeAnnotatable)
>>> IZopeDublinCore(some_object).title

If object do not provide IContained and field 'title' of IZopeDublinCore is empty then ITitle adapter return class name of object:

>>> ITitle(some_object).title

Now change the test object so that it also provide IContained:

>>> zope.interface.alsoProvides(some_object, IContained)
>>> ITitle(some_object).title

Set field 'title' of IZopeDublinCore:

>>> IZopeDublinCore(some_object).title = u'ZopeDublinCore Title'
>>> IZopeDublinCore(some_object).title
u'ZopeDublinCore Title'

Test adapter:

>>> ITitle(some_object).title
u'ZopeDublinCore Title'


1.0.0 (2011-03-14)
  • Initial release

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Last updated Mar 15th, 2011

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