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pypm install collective.contacts

How to install collective.contacts

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install collective.contacts
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Windows (32-bit)
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Windows (64-bit)
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Mac OS X (10.5+)
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Linux (32-bit)
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Linux (64-bit)
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1.4.5 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 1.5.2 on Jan 9th, 2014



This product provides an address book where you can add Persons, Organizations and Groups

The address book has 3 customized views, one for Persons, one for Organizations and one for Groups.

The product is fully internationalized, so if you want it in your language, you just need to add another folder to the locales folder and add your language there.

It also features search capabilities, export, import and ability to send mail to several people.


There's a quick search and an advanced search. From the quick one, you can put any text and it will show you all users, organizations, or groups that have that text (or part of it) in any of their fields. From the advanced one, you can specify text (or part of it) for each field from persons or organizations to do a more precise search.


At the moment you can export your persons or organizations to a csv file. It exports all fields from them, you can't filter.


You can import Persons or organizations, but csv has to have very precise format, so importing a csv that was exported using this exporter is recommended.

Sending mail:

This product does not provide any form to send mails from the portal, what it does is provide you a mailto: with all persons, or organizations that you have selected, so you can send the email with your favorite email client without needing to copy&paste all of them.

This product was developed by Menttes[0] sponsored by from Rosario's Municipality[1]

[0] - http://www.menttes.com [1] - http://www.rosario.gov.ar Changelog for collective.contacts =================================

1.5.2 (2012-06-09)

  • Fix package [aclark]

1.5.1 (2012-06-06)

  • fixes permission error on Plone 4.2 [jpg]

1.5.0 (2012-06-06)

  • Added Dutch translations, merged some translations [fvandijk]
  • Added arrows indicating the current sort column [simu]
  • Fixed _compute_title to return unicode (PlacelessTranslationService raised UnicodeDecodeError when using non ascii characters) [simu]
  • Removed no longer needed upgrade step (columns are now handled by the ICustomizableColumns adapters) [simu]
  • Added transparent error handling and CSV format check for import [simu]
  • Refactored views to use Products.statusmessages for info and error messages [simu]
  • Added vCard and vCal export [simu]
  • Added pluggable import and export functionality [simu]
  • Added sorting functionality [simu]
  • Added catalog indexes for several fields [simu]
  • Advanced search now uses zope.formlib [simu]
  • made organizations and groups folderish and allowed groups to be added into them to support a hirarchical grouping (further refactoring of the search adapters was required) [simu]
  • Added translations for views [simu]
  • Added icons for content types [simu]
  • Added correct ATFieldProperties corresponding to the field names, adjusted code using the old property names and added a deprecation warning when using the old ones preserving backwards compatibility [simu]
  • Fixed the import doctest [simu]
  • Added birth date field to persons [simu]
  • Refactored everything using component architecture [simu]
  • Added German translation [simu]
  • Added French translation [toutpt]
  • Updated italian transaltion [keul]
  • pyflakes cleanup [keul]
  • removed import of json, unused and that brake Plone 3 compatibility [keul]
  • fixed find browser view, duplicated methods name [keul]
  • fixed import errors on Plone 4.1 [keul]


  • Removed the "default-skin" from the uninstall profile for skins (Fix: #4) [frapell]
  • Fixed a crash when entering the advanced search (Fix: #7) [frapell]
  • Added css rule so subsectors wouldn't get smashed down when editing an address book in a small window [frapell]
  • Fixed crash when no subsector was loaded (Fix: #5) [frapell]
  • Added italian translation [fdelia]


  • Fixing an old bug with vocabularies returning ValueError: too many values to unpack [flecox]


  • Changed the name of the views [flecox]
  • [bugfix] "Export all" was redirecting to a view instead of exporting. Now exports ok [flecox]
  • [bugfix] Sectors and subsectors gets duplicates removed when adding/editing an Address Book. [frapell]
  • Fixed use of deprecated zcml directive "vocabulary". see http://wiki.zope.org/zope3/ReducingTheAmountOfZCMLDirectives [thet]
  • Removed "default-skin" directive from skins.xml [thet]
  • Fixed XHTML validation for several templates. [emanuel]
  • Depend on newer version of ATExtensions. [frapell]
  • Fixed testing infrastructure which was outdated. [emanuel, frapell]


  • Changed the skin layers, now the product will not add his own Skin to portal_skins, but instead it will add its layer to all of them and use "Plone Default".


  • Added a customize view so it's possible to select which columns are shown or not.
  • Removed the "Import organizations or persons" from the groups view, since it was misleading.
  • Added an update step to add the needed field to all address books that were created before this version.
  • Added sizes to the photo field for persons, and an update step that will handle the existing objects that were created before this version.
  • Added some security checks to the import buttons and import view page.
  • Fixed two province names from Guatemala (Thanks Warren).


  • Added the sub-sector field to the columns in the organizations view.
  • Did some rework on the advanced search templates (for persons and organizations).
  • Fixed the referencebrowser_popup template that wasn't showing content when re-editing a person or a group.
  • Fixed bug where drop down fields will not update their content when editing inline.
  • Fixed a typo in spanish translation ("Eportar" instead of "Exportar").
  • Added a css to override Plone's default behaviour when editing a drop down field inline (it repeats the field label).


  • Included a custom referencobrowser_popup to show only objects that are allowed to be referenced inside the reference browser pop up. (Used when relating a person with an organization for example).


  • Fixed display issues with rich text fields.
  • Added sector and subsector drop downs to the advanced organizations search.
  • Added a "Go back" link, when doing a quick search.
  • [FIXED] was using the same id for translating both work and personal email in the search for persons template.
  • Replaced the way content was retrieved for the views. Now it uses the catalog and, in the case of the persons, it uses the advanced query capabilities so it will sort using last name first and then first name.
  • Added 2 sortable fields to the catalog, one for the last name and the other for the first name. They are added and indexed on installation.
  • Added types names translation to the old i18n (probably a Plone bug?).


  • Did an override over the contentviews template to workaround a possible bug of Plone when having the default page as a portal_action.
  • Found a way to get the 'Work' schemata title to be translated to spanish.
  • Added some classes to the views, so forms and buttons are hidden when printing.
  • Added the "Select all" checkbox to all tables.
  • Added an uninstall profile.
  • When a user has permission to view an address book, it will see the 3 main tabs with the 3 main views.
  • Removed the border when inside a search or a search result. This "fixes" the issue where the wrong tab was selected when inside a search or search results.
  • Added checkboxes to send email and export inside a group view.
  • Fixed missing translations under the "Send emails page".
  • Added "go back" and "Advanced search" buttons properly when getting or not getting search results.
  • Finished with the country and states fields, added them to the search templates.
  • Fixed a typo with the email spanish translation.
  • Added a note when sending emails about opening the default email client.


  • Added Sectors and Sub sectors drop downs to organizations, where you can select a "sector" and then the "sub sectors" are automatically updated using KSS (Same behaviour as countries and states). This sectors are loaded in the address book itself.
  • Replaced the Country and State text entries with a drop down for all countries and, using kss, a drop down with states for each country. This was mainly taken from GetPaid, so most of the credit goes for those great gentlemen.
  • Title for the group view page.
  • Moved some fields to the default schemata, so instead of a drop down, they are shown as tabs.
  • Replaced the advanced search link with buttons.
  • Fixed a bug with the advanced search. Was giving some errors when searching persons based on their organization.
  • The import script now imports persons even if they had no organization.
  • Quick search feature can now return results if part of a string was entered. And if several words are used, it does an OR of all of them.
  • Added "No results found" string when no results are found, instead of showing an empty table.
  • Removed all required fields, only Name and Last name are required for persons, and just the name for organizations.
  • If persons or organizations have no email set, then the checkbox for sending them an email is disabled. Same if a group has no members, or members with no email.


  • Added the default address book view to the 'display' drop down.


  • Translations fixed.


  • Groups, persons and organizations as addable types.
  • Tabular views for listing inside an address book with batch navigation.
  • Quick search feature.
  • Advanced search feature.
  • Exporting to CSV persons or organizations.
  • Importing from CSV persons or organizations.
  • Sending email (not from site, but from the user's configured email client).

Emanuel Sartor, Author [emanuel@menttes.com] Franco Pellegrini, Co-Author [frapell@menttes.com]


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Last updated Jan 9th, 2014

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