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pypm install collective.amberjack.core

How to install collective.amberjack.core

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install collective.amberjack.core
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
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Windows (64-bit)
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Mac OS X (10.5+)
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Linux (32-bit)
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Linux (64-bit)
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0.9 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 1.1 on Jan 5th, 2011


This package provides core functionality for collective.amberjack package.

Be aware that series 0.9.x is compatible with Plone3, series 1.x is compatible with Plone4.

How to create new tour

First of all you need to define the tour. Starting version 1.1 we are using configuration based style.

A tour is a .cfg file. It has an amberjack main section which has two options: title and steps - this is where you define tour steps:

steps =
title = My first amberjack tour

there are also available two blueprints: 1. Step a step section is defined by collective.amberjack.blueprints.step and has several options:

  • title
  • text
  • url - step url definition
  • xpath - xpath selector
  • xcontent - xcontent selector
  • microsteps - microsteps sections
  • validators - tales expression validation

it looks like that:

blueprint = collective.amberjack.blueprints.step
title = This is my first Step
text = You should now know how to create a step section
url = /mystep
validators =
    python: context.isFolderish()
xpath = ''
xcontent = ''
microsteps =

2. Microstep a microstep section is defined by collective.amberjack.blueprints.microsteps and it has several options:

  • idstep
  • text
  • description
  • selector

it looks like that:

blueprint = collective.amberjack.blueprints.microstep
idstep = menu_state
text = This is my dummy microstep
description = Now you should now how to define microsteps
selector = #insert
Tour registration

Finally you have to register it. The only acceptable format is an archive (zip or tar) which contains one or multiple .cfg files (tours) Using zcml:


1.1 (2010-11-05)

  • moved the check procedure to identify the next tour from the portlet into viewlet [mirco]
  • updated the canMoveToNextStep function that now stop the passage to next step if there is an error message. [mirco]
  • modified AJ alert message: now the user can choise to restart the tour or close the tour [mirco]
  • bugfix for align the phrase "next tour" [mirco]
  • changed in #CCC the css color directive for ".contentActions a.aj_link_inactive" [mirco]
  • inverted in the code the parts to load key and value from dictionaries of selectors [mirco]
  • added a check for the micro-steps of type "highlight" to use in the render of "doAllStep" button. [mirco]
  • changed from function trim() to function jQuery.trim(). [mirco]
  • added sunburst theme and fixed some problems in tour's template [nekorin]
  • fix translations [amleczko]
  • Messages in control panel and validators can be translated [sylvainb]
  • Sync pot/po files and add french translations [sylvainb]
  • amberjackDefaults.js must not be cacheable because of some messages depend on the user's language. [sylvainb]
  • Allow translations for the alert message when the user clics on other links. [sylvainb]
  • added a js to manage the "next tours" cookie when it's used the "next tour" link of the aj popup. [mirco]
  • IE bugfix into javascripts file. [mirco]
  • translation can be now in language folders [amleczko]

1.1a (2010-09-21)

  • font-size at 80% [massimo]
  • fixing next tour link in viewlets [mirco]
  • fixing doAllStep [mirco]
  • update the checkStep and checkAllStep [mirco]
  • updated dependency with collective.js.jqueryui [mirco]
  • removed ui.draggable-1.7.2 file and the registration from jsregistry [mirco]
  • add dependency whit collective.amberjack.portlet [mirco]
  • Inserted 'checkPreviousSteps' function to control if the previous micro-steps are done [mirco]
  • added .metadata files for image inside the skins [keul]
  • javascript resources were all not cachable/coockable [keul]
  • added stepAdapters.js, reducing the complexity of doStep and highlightStep methods [keul]
  • show label element in the correct way #572464 [fdelia]
  • change the way to hide actions of micro-steps when they haven't an idStep [mirco]
  • layout calendar select #580573 [fdelia]
  • rely on jQuery UI for performing alert if available (close #572239) [keul, fdelia]
  • new tour syntax with registration and config parser [amleczko]
  • move old stuff to depracated folder [amleczko]
  • implemented the sandbox [mirco]
  • add hasRole validation and remove too specific ones [amleczko]
  • implemented validation and precondition [mirco]
  • remove depracated module - update tests [amleczko]
  • we have changed the action of button "Next"(>>) that now perform all the micro-steps of the step. [mirco]
  • changed the alert messages: substituted the number of the tour with the description of the tour. [mirco]
  • implemented the check for the required fields of Plone, if the required fields are empty the user can't pass to the next step. [mirco]
  • fix problem with zcml registration [amleczko]

1.0 (2010-05-17)

  • compatibility with plone4 [amleczko]
  • add control and functionality to manage text in kupu and tiny for step 'form_text' [mirco]
  • add some 'ajStandardSteps' to use the TinyMCE's buttons [mirco]
  • inserted some changes into the js to make click on the buttons of TinyMCE [mirco]
  • inserted some changes into the js to do actions in the iframe [mirco]
  • changes to fix the operation of the highlights [mirco]
  • commented the previous button of tours [mirco]
  • minor Javascript refactoring [keul]

0.9 (2010-04-30)

  • Change version to 0.9 (plone3 release series) [amleczko]
  • Renamed validation to validators now a list of validators. Renamed isVisible to validate. Now show a warning box for each error message. [vincentfretin]
  • Internationalize the "of" separator but the javascript is cached once it's generated so the translation is the first language seen on the portal after a restart. [vincentfretin]
  • Internationalize the expected text of a step. [vincentfretin]
  • Don't disable button input textarea select. The user needs to fill out the "remaining fields" and upload an image for example. [vincentfretin]
  • Rename IManageTourUtility to ITourManager. [vincentfretin]
  • Add url to next tour at the end of a tour. [vincentfretin]
  • Add basic step validations: isAnonymous and isAuthenticated. [amleczko]
  • Refactor tour and step: add proper Interface schema for Tour and Step. Add validation checkings write some coverage tests for that. [fdelia; amleczko]
  • Add doctests for meta registration. [fdelia; amleczko]
  • Add unittests for tour_manager. [fdelia; amleczko]
  • Massimo Azzolini [massimo_azzolini]
  • Vincent Fretin [vincentfretin]
  • Luca Fabbri [keul]
  • Federica D'Elia [fdelia]
  • Mirco Angelini [mirco]
  • Andrew Mleczko [amleczko]
  • Giacomo Spettoli [giacomos]
  • Simone Orsi [simahawk]
  • Jacopo Deyla
  • Regione Emilia-Romagna
  • Aaron VanDerlip [aaronv]
  • Michael Davis [millie]
  • Irene Capatti [nekorin]
  • Giorgio Borelli [gborelli]
  • Andrea Benetti [DkAndrea]
  • Sylvain Boureliou [sylvainb]

Amberjack library


  • Slovenian translation started by Domen Kozar
  • Italian translation started by Stefano Marchetti [stemrc]

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Last updated Jan 5th, 2011

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