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 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)


ClueMapper is a web-based application for managing software and software-based consulting projects. Currently it uses Trac to handle individual projects but adds the ability to create new trac instances, svn configurations, etc.

The website for ClueMapper is at http://www.cluemapper.org

  • Multiple project creation and management using Trac and linked

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Subversion repos

  • (required) Python 2.5+
  • Rocky Burt (maintainer) - rocky AT serverzen DOT com

ClueMapper History

v0.7 (2008-07-07)
  • Added new admin command (clue-admin) for setting up the initial

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manager/admin user (clue-admin addmanager)

  • Added very minimal support for Bitten continuous build integration
  • clue-admin now has import and export commmands for dealing with projects
  • Now includes TracWysiwyg plugin for wysiwyg wiki editing support
  • Now includes TracIncludeMacro which is a Trac wiki macro which allows

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inclusion of svn resources (and other wiki pages)

  • Upgraded minimum required versions for various dependencies
  • Trac 0.11 (final)
  • Genshi 0.5 (final)
  • Paste 1.7.1
  • setuptools 0.6c8
  • Pygments 0.10
  • pytz 2008b
  • Deliverance 0.2
  • lxml 2.0.7
  • Created trac plugin for managing subversion repository access
v0.6.4 (2008-06-21)
  • Fixed issue #24: zipped-egg-installed ClueMapper can now create new

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v0.6.3 (2008-06-07)
  • Fixed issue #6: previous redirection changes now rolled back
v0.6.2 (2008-06-07)
  • Fixed issue #5: viewing readme no longer produces rst errors
  • Configuration files now live in etc/cluemapper and data files live

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in var/cluemapper

  • Configuration writing now stores sections ordered
v0.6.1 (2008-06-05)
  • Stopped locking dependency versions for various Clue* projects
  • No long displays ClueBin tagline
  • Cleaned up redirection code
  • Added dependency on ClueMapperChatter
  • Added missing trac plugin dependencies
v0.6 (2008-05-15)
  • Please note that this release is pre-alpha and still lacks several key

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  • Now includes pastebin support via ClueBin
  • Added clue-admin cmd-line script for utility functions
  • Theme is now configurable via Trac
  • Added 404 handling for when an invalid project is requested.

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