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 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)
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Bewype is an open source framework for web application rapid development. It is based on standardized widgets and database management. It aims to provide a solid backend for widget developement.

In addition, it should provide, simples tools for webapp admin part, like:

  • i18n management
  • css customization
  • and more ..

The following diagram give an idea of :ref:`concept_toplevel`.

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Installing Bewype

From the command-line:

# easy_install bewype

This command will download the latest version of Bewype from the Python Cheese Shop and install it to your system. Additional info about easy_install can be viewed at the following places:

Otherwise, you can install from the sources using the setup.py script:

# python setup.py install

Checking Version

This documentation covers Bewype version 0.1.alpha. If you're working on a system that already has Bewype installed, check the version from your Python prompt like this:

>>> import bewype
>>> bewype.__version__ # doctest:+SKIP

Getting Started

  • :ref:`getting_started_toplevel` - This describes how to install and start your first Bewype application.

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API Reference

An organized section of all Bewype APIs is at :ref:`api_reference_toplevel` section or in its Epydoc api version.

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