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  • pyautotest (0.1.0)
    Released 10 years, 1 month ago
    Autotest Python unittest modules
    pyjack (0.3.2)
    Released 12 years, 11 months ago
    Tools to reversibly replace functions / objects with proxy functions / objects for debug, testing, monkey-patching.
    Released 13 years, 1 month ago
    An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish to the cheese shop a5 pypi.org.
    mod2doctest (0.2.0)
    Released 13 years, 1 month ago
    A way to convert any Python module to a doctest ready doc string.
    pod (0.54.2)
    Released 13 years, 1 month ago
    A Python Object Database Implemented Using cPickle and SQLite - An easy way to store and fetch Python objects
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