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Python Cookbook, 2'nd. Edition is published

From: Larry Bates <lba...@syscononline.com>
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 15:28:29 -0600
Sorry, I didn't ever have copy of 1st edition.  Maybe Alex
can help us on this one?


rdsteph at mac.com wrote:
> Hello Larry,> > I don't have my copy yet. Can you give any guidance on how the 2'nd> edition compares to the 1'st edition? At 844 pages, it seems to be 250+> pages bigger than the 1'st Ed. How much of the book is new, and does it> use the same chapter headings?> Ron Stephens> > Someone else asked a similar questiosn in another thread, I copy it> here..> > ""Is the second edition of the Python Cookbook worth getting if you> have> the first edition? How much new material is there in the 2nd edition?> > > Thanks, > > > Will McGugan ""> 

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