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Suggestions for a Java programmer

From: Ville Vainio <vil...@spammers.com>
24 Mar 2005 12:36:58 +0200
>>>>> "bruno" == bruno modulix <onurb at xiludom.gro> writes:

    bruno> These two books should help you to get a grasp of Pythonic idioms:


Regarding a Java programmer moving to Python, a lot of the mindset
change is about the abundant use of built in data types of Python. So
a Java programmer, when confronted with a problem, should think "how
can I solve this using lists, dicts and tuples?" (and perhaps also my
new favourite, sets). Class-based solution should be chosen only after
seeing that the problem can't be trivially solved with built-in types.

Ville Vainio   http://tinyurl.com/2prnb

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