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Suggestions for a Java programmer

From: Ray <ray_...@yahoo.com>
24 Mar 2005 00:22:09 -0800
Hello there,

I've been programming in Java for about 8 years now, but lately I've
been hearing a lot about Python and I'm really interested in learning
more about it. I've read the tutorial, and some books (core python
programming is one), but there's one thing that's still missing: how to
use Python the "Python" way.

I found learning C# was a breeze for me because the language shares a
lot of concepts and notions with Java--I can always say: "I do X this
way in Java, I should be able to do X this way too in C#", and usually
I'm not far off the mark.

But Python is different enough that, even though some basic concepts do
translate easily, idioms and effective usage of it don't come easy. I
can't help thinking that when I'm writing Python, I'm actually writing
Java in Python. Not Python in Python.

Can you point me to "Python for Java Programmers" resources? I found
one blog, but that only touched the tip of the iceberg, I feel. I know
that as I use Python more and read more books and read how experienced
Python programmers code, eventually I'll find it out. But I'd like to
expedite that process if possible. What are your suggestions?

Thank you!

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