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Exiting Tkinter when using IDLE

From: Kurt B. Kaiser <k...@shore.net>
Sat, 13 Mar 2004 07:16:57 GMT
Jason Harper <JasonHarper at pobox.com> writes:

> Here's a little inconsistency that had me really confused for a> while: IDLE, when run from the Start menu (Win2K Pro, Python 2.3.3),> uses a subprocess.  IDLE, when run via "Open in IDLE" in a .py*> file's right-click menu, does NOT use a subprocess.  I haven't> tracked down just where this difference is coming from.

Right now, we only allow one copy of the IDLE subprocess, because the
socket port is hard coded.  The specification of the -n switch is in
the Windows Explorer File Types assignment.  We did that deliberately
because people often click on several .py files to view them and that
tried to start several copies of IDLE + subprocess, which failed.

You can have as many copies of IDLE without the subprocess as you
like, but they aren't nearly as useful for code development.

The plan is to remove the hard coding of the port so several copies of
IDLE + subprocess can run simultaneously.  I am delaying that until I'm
pretty sure that the subprocess is well behaved under all conditions.


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