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OT(Slightly): Thanks to Python.

From: CaptainN@altel.net <Capt...@altel.net>
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 22:34:28 -0500
I hear that quite a few people who were working with Java in the past are
now switching to Python, especially as Java code balloons in size when
compared to Python.

"Adonis" <adonisv at REMTHISearthlink.net> wrote in message
news:rfw1c.32179$hm4.7868 at newsread3.news.atl.earthlink.net...
>     This is my .02 as to why Python is excellent for academic use for> upcoming CS graduates. Since I have been 14 I have been programming,
> BASIC/VB/C/C++ so I was familiarized with basic programming concepts. Then> up until more than 1 1/2yr ago I stumbled into Python, looking for a C/C++> compiler for windows, and Python kept coming up, so I go to check it out> (this was on www.downloads.com) I download it, installed it, and ran to
> all common newbie problem of running IDLE and thinking that this is all
> Python had to offer, I naivly deleted it, thinking it was probably some> novelty language, that had no support for it. I check out python.org and> notice it was very active, and there was a more up to date version out, so
> download it again, this time I read the documentation and followed the> tutorial, within 15 minutes I already had enough under my belt to start on> small projects, which within a week I already had made a great deal, I was> hooked! Cutting to the chase, Python introduced me to the world of OOP,> which in VB I mildy touched its pseudo OOP methods, but have not been
> exposed to it.>     Now Python being a fully OOP language, it made it easier for me to> understand what all this OOP stuff was, from generating events to> inheritance, and organizing my code into reusable modules and the such.> Also, the clarity in which Python syntax is presented made it MUCH easier
> understand any source, this was a big plus as I was studying other persons> works to enhance my knowledge of Python.>     Then this year I started in a local university to persue my CS degree> after undergoing a 2yr college, in my university the language of choice
> the CS program is Java which I was actually dissappointed as I wanted to> expand my knowledge of C/C++ which I already had some prior knowledge
> but nevertheless with my background in Python, giving me the knowledge of> OOP I dove into Java like a pro, everything came easy to me, I fully> understood the language, everything was just some clarification and
> the syntax (I still dislike Java, but to each its own), so I am writing
> as a thank you to everyone who contributes to Python.>> Sincerely,>     Adonis>>

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