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OT(Slightly): Thanks to Python.

From: Adonis <adon...@REMTHISearthlink.net>
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 02:11:35 GMT
    This is my .02 as to why Python is excellent for academic use for
upcoming CS graduates. Since I have been 14 I have been programming, mainly
BASIC/VB/C/C++ so I was familiarized with basic programming concepts. Then
up until more than 1 1/2yr ago I stumbled into Python, looking for a C/C++
compiler for windows, and Python kept coming up, so I go to check it out
(this was on www.downloads.com) I download it, installed it, and ran to the
all common newbie problem of running IDLE and thinking that this is all that
Python had to offer, I naivly deleted it, thinking it was probably some
novelty language, that had no support for it. I check out python.org and
notice it was very active, and there was a more up to date version out, so I
download it again, this time I read the documentation and followed the
tutorial, within 15 minutes I already had enough under my belt to start on
small projects, which within a week I already had made a great deal, I was
hooked! Cutting to the chase, Python introduced me to the world of OOP,
which in VB I mildy touched its pseudo OOP methods, but have not been fully
exposed to it.
    Now Python being a fully OOP language, it made it easier for me to
understand what all this OOP stuff was, from generating events to
inheritance, and organizing my code into reusable modules and the such.
Also, the clarity in which Python syntax is presented made it MUCH easier to
understand any source, this was a big plus as I was studying other persons
works to enhance my knowledge of Python.
    Then this year I started in a local university to persue my CS degree
after undergoing a 2yr college, in my university the language of choice for
the CS program is Java which I was actually dissappointed as I wanted to
expand my knowledge of C/C++ which I already had some prior knowledge about,
but nevertheless with my background in Python, giving me the knowledge of
OOP I dove into Java like a pro, everything came easy to me, I fully
understood the language, everything was just some clarification and learning
the syntax (I still dislike Java, but to each its own), so I am writing this
as a thank you to everyone who contributes to Python.


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