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Automating MSDEV studio build process

From: Bjorn Pettersen <BPet...@NAREX.com>
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 15:20:03 -0600
Does anyone have any experience automating a nightly build process using
Python in combination with MSDevStudio? I remember some discussion here
about it a while ago, but I couldn't find any reference to it through

We have three major classes of libraries we need to build (each class
has its own dsw with about a dozen dsp's inside for individual
sub-libraries). Would it be best to generate makefiles from the dsw's
and proceed on the command line from there (is there a way e.g. through
COM to have VS generate the makefiles since we normally don't use
makefiles?) -- or should we try to automate it all through controlling
VS through COM?

The engineer who is working on this is pretty new to Python, so this
would be a good way to show him how to get rid of five hours of manual
build processes (especially since I just got mandated that we install
Python on all machines :-)

-- bjorn

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