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Re: [Distutils] BDFL Delegates for distutils-sig PEPs

From: Nick Coghlan <ncog...@gmail.com>
Tue, 10 Nov 2015 16:58:13 +1000
On 10 November 2015 at 16:14, Nick Coghlan <ncog...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 30 October 2015 at 16:27, Marcus Smith <qwc...@gmail.com> wrote:>>>>>> =================================>>> Whenever a new PEP is put forward on distutils-sig, any PyPA core>>> reviewer that believes they are suitably experienced to make the final>>> decision on that PEP may offer to serve as the BDFL's delegate (or>>> "PEP czar") for that PEP. If their self-nomination is accepted by the>>> other PyPA core reviewer, the lead PyPI maintainer and the lead>>> CPython representative on distutils-sig, then they will have the>>> authority to approve (or reject) that PEP.>>> =================================>>>>>> Nick:>> just be clear, if nobody nominates themselves, then you still remain (by>> default) the active delegate who's responsible for ruling on a Pypa-related>> PEP?>> For anything PyPI related, it defaults to being Donald's call as lead> maintainer, for other interoperability specs, it defaults to me.

Although I'll also note that whenever Donald wants to handle an
interoperability PEP himself (as with the dependency specifier one),
I'm highly unlikely to object :)


Nick Coghlan   |   ncog...@gmail.com   |   Brisbane, Australia
Distutils-SIG maillist  -  Dist...@python.org

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