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Re: [Distutils] ez_setup.py and buildout bootstrap broken: 18.3.1 zip upload sorely needed

From: Reinout van Rees <rein...@vanrees.org>
Mon, 7 Sep 2015 15:45:49 +0200
Op 07-09-15 om 11:03 schreef Reinout van Rees:
>> The 18.3.1 release only has a .tar.gz file on pypi and not the .zip > version (.zip is hardcoded in ez_setup.py).>> => can someone upload the .zip version **quickly**?
Ok, the .zip is now there and the issue is fixed.

But... how many people are able to upload such a release? Effectively 
buildout/ez_setup.py was out for most of a EU business day. "EU business 
day" corresponds nicely with night rests in USA-like timezones :-)

No problem with mis-firing scripts or night rest of course. My question 
is if there are no others that could have fixed it? This has been a 
blocker for most of a (EU) working day and nobody reacted despite four 
issues (one marked as blocker), mailing to this mailinglist and even 
mentioning it via twitter. So if there are other people, I want to know 
how to reach them next time :-)

Additionally, I assume the pypa/setuptools issue tracker is generally 
the #1 place to mention outages like this?


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