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Re: [Distutils] Proposal: using /etc/os-release in the "platform tag" definition for wheel files

From: Nick Coghlan <ncog...@gmail.com>
Sat, 29 Nov 2014 01:38:55 +1000
On 29 November 2014 at 01:31, Matthias Klose <d...@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On 11/28/2014 07:03 AM, Nick Coghlan wrote:>>>> We've discussed the idea of changing the wheel file naming scheme to>> deal with Linux previously, but never put together a concrete>> proposal.>>>> The closest we've got is the idea of allowing the platform tag to be>> customised in pip and perhaps bdist_wheel, and while that's good from>> an "enabling experimentation" perspective, it may be overkill if the>> primary goal is just to better support handling of Linux distros.>>>> For starters, here's the current definition of the platform tag in PEP>> 425:>> hmm, maybe you repeat the rationale here for starters?

To be able to publish wheel files for a particular ecosystem, without
causing confusion if those wheel files somehow end up in an unsuitable
environment (e.g. a Fedora specific wheel ending up on a Debian

>> =================>> The platform tag is simply distutils.util.get_platform() with all>> hyphens - and periods . replaced with underscore _ .>>>> * win32>> * linux_i386>> * linux_x86_64>> =================>>> this is already wrong for ARM32 soft-float and hard-float, and> x86_64-linux-gnu and x86_64-linux-gnux32.  If something is changed, then> please change that as well, maybe using something already defined like the> multiarch triplet.

I'm open to completely redefining this in a distutils independent way,
but it will need someone to define the precise algorithm. For the
cases I'm personally worried about (i.e. Fedora & EPEL), the existing
information extraction from os.uname() should be adequate.


Nick Coghlan   |   ncog...@gmail.com   |   Brisbane, Australia
Distutils-SIG maillist  -  Dist...@python.org

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