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Re: [Python-Dev] Devguide - Add Communications Quick Start Section

From: Brett Cannon <bre...@python.org>
Tue, 21 Jul 2015 18:08:20 +0000
On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 11:05 AM Carol Willing <
will...@willingconsulting.com> wrote:

> I would like to add a "Communications Quick Start" section to the> beginning of the Python Developer's Guide.>> Productive communication between each other will always be critical to> future development of CPython and maintaining releases, infrastructure,> documentation, and more.>> Unproductive communication saps energy of contributors, reduces> engagement in the project, and limits creativity and fulfillment in> contributing. As a contributor who finds great value in the power and> zen of Python, I want to foster more effective and productive> communication. I've been thinking about ways to do this since the PyCon> sprints. New developers would benefit from understanding how to interact> with the community and its norms. Existing contributors would hopefully> benefit from less time reexplaining community communication norms.>> The Communications Quick Start section would be brief and practical much> like the Quick Start section for downloading and testing the source> code. Placing the Communications Quick Start section before the existing> Quick Start section would emphasize the importance that productive> communications has on CPython development.>

Sounds great to me! Social norms are just as important to get to speed on
as technical requirements when contributing to an open source community, so
this seems like a worthy project.

>> Thanks,> Carol>> P.S. Thank you to all that devote time and energy to the development of> CPython. I have posted this to the python-dev mailing list for feedback> due to the recent discussions. Nick and Brett, please feel free to move> this to python-ideas if you feel that would be a better place to discuss> this addition to the devguide.>

Nope, here is fine. This isn't a new idea and it affects people on this
list more directly than the python-ideas folks.

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