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MakeMaker problems

From: Greg Thomas <Greg...@iname.com>
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 20:59:20 +0100

Does/should MakeMaker work on Win32 (specifically, Win98SE, ActivePerl
5.6.0 Build 613)? 

I'm having trouble getting it to work. The culprit appears to be
ExtUtils::MM_Win32 - in particular the line

$val = `$abs -e "require $ver;" 2>&1`;

in sub find_perl() always fails to find the Perl binary.

To make things worse, if I hack that around to hard code the location
of the Perl binary, running nmake (Version 1.50) just gives

makefile(236) : fatal error U1001: syntax error : illegal character
'{' in macro

[This is actually on CPAN 1.54. I guess other packages may have other
error lines]

The identified line is 
PREOP = pod2text lib/CPAN.pm > ${DISTVNAME}/README

Unfortunately, I've no idea if this line is valid or not. So, is there
a newer version of MM_Win32 and/or a better version of make around?


Greg Thomas

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