Top-rated recipes tagged "nautilus" Code RecipesNautilus script to push files to S3 in python (Python) 2012-04-10T21:41:48-07:00coleifer@gmail.com <p style="color: grey"> Python recipe 578102 by <a href="/recipes/users/4181659/"></a> (<a href="/recipes/tags/boto/">boto</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/nautilus/">nautilus</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/s3/">s3</a>). </p> <p>A small script that allows you to push files and directories to S3 using a context menu in nautilus file browser.</p> <p>Add this script to <code>~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/</code> and be sure it is executable. Requires <a href="">boto</a>, the python aws library. Credentials by default are looked up from ~/.boto but can be supplied in the get_s3_conn() function.</p> Renamer (Python) 2008-11-30T17:56:56-08:00foobar <p style="color: grey"> Python recipe 576443 by <a href="/recipes/users/4166585/">foobar</a> (<a href="/recipes/tags/files/">files</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/nautilus/">nautilus</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/renaming/">renaming</a>). Revision 4. </p> <p>Just a small script to rename files and folders in nautilus recursively Tested under Ubuntu 8.04</p>