Top-rated recipes tagged "dawg" Code RecipesSelf-contained TWL06 Dictionary Module (515 KB) (Python) 2011-08-10T20:32:03-07:00Michael Fogleman <p style="color: grey"> Python recipe 577835 by <a href="/recipes/users/4171845/">Michael Fogleman</a> (<a href="/recipes/tags/dawg/">dawg</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/dictionary/">dictionary</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/scrabble/">scrabble</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/trie/">trie</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/twl06/">twl06</a>, <a href="/recipes/tags/word/">word</a>). Revision 4. </p> <p>A convenient, self-contained, 515 KB Scrabble dictionary module, ideal for use in word games.</p> <p>Functionality:</p> <ul> <li>Check if a word is in the dictionary.</li> <li>Enumerate all words in the dictionary.</li> <li>Determine what letters may appear after a given prefix.</li> <li>Determine what words can be formed by anagramming a set of letters.</li> </ul> <p>Sample usage:</p> <pre class="prettyprint"><code>&gt;&gt;&gt; import twl &gt;&gt;&gt; twl.check('dog') True &gt;&gt;&gt; twl.check('dgo') False &gt;&gt;&gt; words = set(twl.iterator()) &gt;&gt;&gt; len(words) 178691 &gt;&gt;&gt; twl.children('dude') ['$', 'd', 'e', 's'] &gt;&gt;&gt; list(twl.anagram('top')) ['op', 'opt', 'pot', 'to', 'top'] </code></pre>