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[TCLCORE] Re: TIP#181: Add a [namespace unknown] Command

From: <d...@users.s>
Thu, 30 Jun 2005 17:02:51 +0000
I was looking at modifying the
implementation of TIP 181 to
use [::tcl::DefaultUnknown] as
the default [namespace unknown]
handler, when I noticed the 
implementation did not work as
I expected it to.

Then I read the TIP again, and it
proposes something different than
I would expect.

The relevant example is:

  namespace eval ::foo {

I think I want the [namespace unknown]
handler of ::bar to be the one that
goes looking for [::bar::soom], but
what's proposed and implemented is to
have the [namespace unknown] handler
of ::foo do the search instead.

This means each handler can't really be
specialized in a useful way, since they
all have to be able to search for commands
in any namespace, rather than be tasked
with a limited search for commands relevant
to their own namespace only.

Anyhow, I'm surprised by the difference
between the proposal and my expectations.
I suspect others may have misread this one
as well.  At least worth talking about


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