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Re: [TCLCORE] Re: TIP#181: Add a [namespace unknown] Command

From: Donal K. Fellows <dona...@manchester.ac.uk>
Thu, 30 Jun 2005 16:49:50 -0500
Donald G Porter wrote:
> At the very least, those execution trace enhancements would need to> interact with the [namespace unknown] dispatch, so perhaps they need> to be considered together?> > Sorry about erecting obstacles; I really thought you were proposing> something different.

Given these differences (and the fact that, like Don, I expected
[namespace unknown] to do something different) I suggest that we do
*not* vote on TIP 181 until we've got that other (alternate?) proposal
more fleshed out. Collecting more use-cases for the different ways that
we might wish to use per-namespace unknown command handlers would be
valuable though.


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