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Fwd: Potential bug in Prevent

From: Andy Lester <a...@petdance.com>
Wed, 19 Apr 2006 16:50:42 -0500
The Coverity guys concur: It's a bug.

Begin forwarded message:

>> We believe we've found a bug in Prevent.  Look at CID 23 in the  >> Perl  database.  It looks like the "if (length != 0)" gets the  >> false path  in conditional 1, but then the true path at  >> conditional 15.>>>> Is it confused by the length--?>> Hello Andy,>    Thank you for your interest.  You are correct that it is the --  > which is confusing us, this particular formulation (testing  a  > value with the post -- or ++ operator) is known to trip us up from  > time to time, our development team is aware of this issue.  For CID  > 23, I recommend you mark it as a FALSE, as I agree with your  > assessment that length can't change in the region between where we  > determine it is 0 and then later determine length-- is not 0.

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