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Re: FW: CPAN Upload: J/JD/JDB/libwin32-0.24.tar.gz

From: Sisyphus <kali...@iinet.net.au>
Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:42:54 +0000
Jan Dubois wrote:

> > Could you (or anyone else) point me to the current setup instructions> for using Perl on cygwin and mingw?  

For MinGW it's just a matter of installing MinGW and dmake. I think it's 
pretty well covered in Readme.win32 in the perl source - not that 
there's much to cover, as it's all quite straightforward now.

The MinGW I'm using (on Win2k, btw) was installed from 

Last time I tried, the Makefile.mk that shipped with AS sources didn't 
work with MinGW - but the Makefile.mk that ships with 5.8.6 source from 
CPAN is fine - and perl builds straight out of the box.

I just tried 0.24 and it built and tested fine. The Win32::API tests 
permanently changed the colors of my console - but that's about all. 
There's at least one module unnecessarily excluded from building with 
MinGW - namely Process, which builds, tests and works fine.


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