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When the ActiveState ASPN Cookbooks were moved to the new ActiveState Code site, the old set of "categories" for each cookbook was replaced with tagging. Tagging is more powerful and useful. The following table gives the details on what tags correspond to each old ASPN Cookbook category.

Python Cookbook categories

Web web
Network network
CGI Programming cgi
Distributed distributed
System sysadmin
Files files
Jython jython
Extending extending
Threads threads
User ui
XML xml
Programs programs
Algorithms algorithms
Databases database
Debugging debugging
Shortcuts shortcuts
Text text
Image graphics
Searching search
OOP oop
Web Programming web

Tcl Cookbook categories

XML xml
User Interfaces binding
Mathematics and Graphics math+graphics
Network resources network
WebSphere/WSCP websphere
LDAP ldap
Platform Interfaces platform
Software Interfaces binding
Data structures datastructures
Distributed processing distributed
Windows windows
Web programming binding
System Administration sysadmin
Development, Debugging debugging
Threads and Processes threads+process
Text Processing text
TclBlend tclblend

PHP Cookbook categories

Data Structures datastructures
Distributed Processing distributed
Session Management session
Network Resources network
Security Solutions security
Graphics Processing graphics
Text Processing and Rx text